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In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Plesioth Cap X Made from Plesioth fins and scales. Strong against Water attacks.
Plesioth Vest X A vest made of Plesioth fins and scales. Features a unique collar piece.
Plesioth Guards X Arm guards of Plesioth fins and scales. Highly resistant to Water
Plesioth Coat X Waist armor made of fitted Plesioth scales. Strong resistance to Water attacks.
Plesioth Greaves X Plesioth scales worked into a pair of leggings. Strong Water resistance.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Plesioth Cap X ThckPlesiothScl (3), SpecPlesiothFin+ (2), HvyPiscineFang (2), Monster Broth (2). 14250z
Plesioth Vest X SpecPlesiothFin+ (3), ThckPlesiothScl (2), Plesioth Fin+ (2), Eltalite Ore (4). 14250z
Plesioth Guards X ThckPlesiothScl (1), SpecPlesiothFin+ (3), Cephalos Scale+ (3), Emperor Cricket (3). 14250z
Plesioth Coat X ThckPlesiothScl (3), SpecPlesiothFin+ (1), Plesioth Scale+ (3), Union Ore (2). 14250z
Plesioth Leggings X ThckPlesiothScl (4), SpecPlesiothFin+ (2), Cephalos Fin+ (3), Carbalite Ore (6). 14250z
Total ThckPlesiothScl (11), SpecPlesithoFin+ (12), Plesioth Fin+ (5), Cephalos Scale+ (6), Eltalite Ore (4), HvyPiscineFang (2), Emperor Cricket (3), Wyvern Stone (2), Monster Broth (2), Carbalite Ore (6), Union Ore (2). 71250z

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Plesioth Cap X Tranquilzr +2, Perceive +5, Stamina +1, Constitutn -1.
Plesioth Vest X Tranquilzr +5, Stamina +2, Constitutn -2.
Plesioth Guards X Tranquilzr +3, Stamina +3, Constitutn -3.
Plesioth Coat X Tranquilzr +2, Perceive +5, Stamina +1, Constitutn -1.
Plesioth Leggings X Tranquilzr +3, Stamina +3, Constitutn -3.
Total Tranquilzr +15, Perceive +10, Stamina +10, Constitutn -10.
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Tranquilizing Celeberity: Rewards for capturing monsters are increased.
  2. Tranquilizing Guru: Easily know when to capture monsters that are paintballed even before they are weakened. Pink indicator on map is replaced by yellow.
  3. Runner: Stamina depletion speed for running and charging attacks like hammer charge, bow charge and ds demonization mode is decreased drastically.
  4. Constitution-1: Amount of stamina used for rolling/evasive movements is increased slightly.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 2.
  • Torso: 1.
  • Arms: 2.
  • Waist: 2.
  • Legs: 2.

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