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Plesioth Discussion SYMBOL Talk

Low Rank/Village Elder

Reward For Breaking:

  • Back Fin
    • Plesioth Fin X1 (92%)
    • Plesioth Scale X1 (8%)


  • Body[X4]
    • Plesioth Scale (70%)
    • Plesioth Fin (22%)
    • Small Lobstershell (8%)


  • Plesioth Scale X2 (39%)
  • Wyvern Fang X3 (33%)
  • Plesioth Fin X1 (18%)
  • Small Lobstershell (10%)


  • Wyvern Tears (75%)
  • Plesioth Scale (22%)
  • Plesioth Fin (3%)

High Rank/Nekoht

Reward For Breaking:

  • Back Fin
    • Plesioth Fin+ X1 (87%)
    • Plesioth Scale+ X1 (8%)
    • Plesioth Fin X1 (5%)


  • Body[X4]
    • Plesioth Scale+ (64%)
    • Plesioth Fin+ (18%)
    • Small Lobstershell (10%)
    • Wyvern Stone (6%)
    • Large Lobstershell (2%)


  • Wyvern Fang X3 (30%)
  • Plesioth Scale+ X1 (27%)
  • Plesioth Fin+ X1 (18%)
  • Small Lobstershell X1 (12%)
  • Large Lobstershell X1 (8%)
  • Plesioth Scale X2 (5%)


  • Wyvern Tears (33%)
  • Wyvern Sobs (27%)
  • Plesioth Scale+ (25%)
  • Plesioth Fin (10%)

Information from

Monster Hunter Freedom

Village Quest and Normal Hard G Class
Plesioth Scale (58%) Plesioth Scale (48%) Plesioth Top Fin (48%)
Plesioth Fin (40%) Plesioth Fin (45%) Plesioth Scale+ (45%)
Small Lobstershell (2%) Large Lobstershell (7%) Great Lobstershell (7%)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Item List

Unique Materials that are obtainable from a Plesioth in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Name Rarity Value Item Description
Plesioth Fang+ 6 750z A finely honed Plesioth Fang. Sharp enough to shatter the shells of small Carapaceons.
Hvy Plesio Fang 8 2250z A powerful, highly-developed Plesioth Fang. It can crush large Carapaceons with ease.
ItemIcon011b Plesioth Scale+ 6 1440z A high-grade Plesioth scale with a lapis lazuli glow. It shines even when dry.
ItemIcon011b Plesioth Shard 8 4320z A thick Plesioth scale with a lapis lazuli glow. It fends off claw and fang attacks.
ItemIcon021b Plesioth Fin+ 6 1640z A choice Plesioth fin. Quite striking, considering the horrific neurotoxin found in its spines.
ItemIcon021b Fine Plesio Fin 8 4920z The finest and most lovely of all Plesioth fins. Produces top-class armor when forged.
Plesioth Webbing 6 2440z Difficult to forge with, but its water-retention properties make it popular as armor lining.
Hrd Ples Webbing 8 7320z Stronger than normal webbing, and just as water-rententive. Ideal for lining armor.
ItemIcon021b Plesioth Head 6 2890z A surprisingly hard head prized as armor material. Might make for a great party gag, too.
ItemIcon021b Uber Plesio Head 8 8670z A frighteningly hard head found on a select few Plesioth. Among the very best in armor materials.

Carve Rates

High Rank

Body Carves (x4)
Item Name Chance
Plesioth Scale+ 60%
Plesioth Fang+ 18%

Plesioth Fin+

Plesioth Head 6%
Wyvern Stone 5%

Item Name Chance
Wyvern Tear 38%
Lrg WyvernTear 37%
Plesioth Scale+ 15%
Plesioth Fin+ 10%

Item Name Chance
Plesioth Scale+ 30%
Plesioth Fin+ 23%
Wyvern Fang X8 17%
Plesioth Webbing 15%
Plesioth Head 12%
Wyvern Stone 3%
Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Head Plesioth Fang+ 58%
Plesioth Head 28%
Plesioth Fin+ 8%
Plesioth Scale+ 6%

Plesioth Webbing

Plesioth Scale+ 20%
Plesioth Fin+ 15%
Fin Plesioth Fin+ 75%
Plesioth Scale+ 25%


Body Carves (x4)
Item Name Chance
Plesioth Shard 60%
Hvy Plesio Fang 18%
Fine Plesio Fin 12%
Uber Plesio Head 6%
Lrg Wyvern Stone 5%

Item Name Chance
Lrg Wyvern Tear 50%
Wyvern Tear 25%
Plesioth Shard 15%
Fine Plesio Fin 10%

Item Name Chance
Plesioth Shard 30%
Fine Plesio Fin 23%
Plesioth Fang+ x2 17%
Hrd Ples Webbing 15%
Uber Plesio Head 12%
Lrg Wyvern Stone 3%

Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Head Hvy Plesio Fang 58%
Uber Plesio Head 28%
Fine Plesio Fin 8%
Plesioth Shard 6%
Wing Hrd Ples Webbing 65%
Plesioth Shard 20%
Fine Plesio Fin 15%
Fin Fine Plesio Fin 75%
Plesioth Shard 25%

Source: Brady Guide

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