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Pink Rathian
Pink Rathian Art
English Name: Pink Rathian
Nicknames: Pink Ian
Titles: Cherry Blossom Fire Wyvern
Romaji: Rioreia Ashu
Japanese Name: リオレイア(亜種)
Japanese Title: Cherry Blossom Fire Monster
Korean Name: 리 오레이아 아종
Description and Information
Species: Flying Wyvern
Element/s: Fire
Ailment/s: StatusEffect05
Weakest to: Dragon/Thunder
Weakness Sign: Limping
Signature Move: Backflip/Double Backflip
Habitats: Jungles, Desert, Tower Top and Forest and Hills
Misty Peaks, Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, Heavenly Mountain, Underground Cave, Unknown Great Forest
Size: Gold Crown Small 1151.9 ~ Gold Crown Large 2303.8
Monsters in Relation: Rathian, Gold Rathian, Azure Rathalos and Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern)
Chronological Appearances
First US/EU Appearance: Logo-MHF1 (2006)
First JP Appearance: Logo-MHG (2005)
Latest Appearance: Logo-MH4U (2015)
Generation: 1

Pink Rathian is a Subspecies of the Rathian introduced in Monster Hunter G. She is known to inhabit temperate and tropical areas and can be encountered at Low, High, and G Ranks.

MH4-Pink Rathian Render 001


Pink Rathian has a more heavily-armoured body and has greater health than her green relative. She can often be found in various quests alongside her gender counterpart, the Azure Rathalos.


Her attacks are generally stronger than those of normal Rathian, but that aside the two are identical in many ways.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hard Core (HC) Pink Rathian

MHFG-HC Pink Rathian Render 001

HC Pink Rathian has a more purple color to certain parts of its body and more spikes on its tail. It has new behavior and attacks including a fire ball so large and strong it creates an explosion larger than the creature itself, and has a tail swing that instead of turning its body, it waves its tail around behind it poisoning anyone it hits.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MHF1 (2006) Logo-MHG (2005) Logo-MH4U (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Pink Rathian 3U Icon A subspecies of Rathian with vibrant pink scales. Pink Rathian wield their toxic tails more skillfully than normal Rathian, using a wide variety of attacks to weaken their prey before eventually moving in for the kill.
Monster Hunter 4
MH4-Pink Rathian Icon (?)
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★
Monster Hunter Frontier G
MHFG-Pink Rathian Icon (?)


  • The Pink Rathian is a genetic mutation of the Rathian.

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