Peddling Granny (Japanese 行商ばあちゃん) is a traveling merchant seen throughout the world on business.

MHFU-Peddling Granny Render 001


She is a friendly individual.


The Peddling Granny travels the vast world in order to sell various goods, which change on a daily basis. She has traveled to places, such as Jumbo Village, Pokke Village, and Port Tanzia, just to sell some of her items and can remember the faces of all her previous customers. However, making it to such places requires the Peddling Granny to travel the same harsh hunting grounds as hunters. It is unknown how she can always get through those harsh environments without a single scratch.


She wears a pink cloth over her head and a pinkish cloth over her body. She is most well-known to carry a giant basket on her back that is much larger than herself.


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