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In-Game Information

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Pariapuria is a Flying Wyvern with primitive skeleton structure.

Habitat Range

Pariapuria have been seen inhabiting the Gorge, Tide Island, and Highland.

Ecological Niche

The Pariapuria are very indiscriminate predators that'll feed on anything they can overpower. Their known prey are Apceros, Genprey, Erupe, Mosswine, Remobra, Burukku, and multiple species of fish. When traveling to the Tide Island the wyverns will prey upon Yian Kut-KuBlue Yian Kut-Ku, Gogomoa, and juvenile Taikun Zamuza as adults are much too powerul and dangerous. The flying wyvern Meraginasu is a major and dangerous competitor to the Pariapuria within the caverns of the Tide Island. Pariapuria will mostly attack their prey by ambushing them from the water's edge and pulling them to deeper water. Few creatures rarely escape as once a Pariapuria bites down on its chosen prey it is near impossible getting the wyvern to let go. Despite being powerful predators themselves Pariapuria coexsist with equally dangerous creatures such as Tigrex, Berukyurosu, Dyuragaua, Gurenzeburu, Rajang, Kuarusepusu, Rathian, Espinas Subspecies, and Hyujikiki. Though Pariapuria have been found with Rathian, Rajang and various other monster body parts in their stomach.

Biological Adaptations

Originally, there was a theory by the Guild that Pariapuria was still evolving to become a water monster that would eventually live completely in the water. This theory, however, has been debunked because Pariapuria rarely go in the water though it still seems to go in the water to some extant. Pariapuria's body is covered mucus. This mucus is slippery and repels adhesives. Pariapuria are most well-known for their seemingly bottomless appetites. With a large number of sharp teeth, Pariapuria can actually rip apart large prey very easily. Pariapuria doesn't even really chew its prey and just swallows it up without a second thought. Pariapuria even swallows up things while just charging at foes. Between its throat is an organ that stores some of the things it has swallowed temporarily for later. Its stomach does eventually inflate when it has eaten more than it can take in. Pariapuria's digestive juices are able to digest at a fast, violent rate with a foul smell. These juices even remain active after the Pariapuria has died and begins to digest the Pariapuria's body from the inside. A Pariapuria's liver is small. It is a strong organ that continues to operate without any poisons inside of it. The poisons of prey is vomited out of its body.

Some Pariapuria  are known to take advantage of certain food they eat such as large amounts of poisonous food they eat. They will regurgitate stomach juices filled with these poisons and coat them selves with it and ram into prey and predators.


Pariapuria are very voracious hunters, which will eat anything put in front of it. They will even try to eat other wyverns if they get in their way, often stunned and thwarted by the electric personality of the Berukyurosu.

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