In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Butterfly Caput X Armor crafted from insect material. When moving, it glitters a beautiful white.
Butterfly Pectus X Made of insect material. The beautiful color makes it the object of female desire.
Butterfly Brasso X Made of insect. A favorite with celebrities, these are a carriage for the hand.
Butterfly Cocusa X Waist armor made of insect material. Brimming with the grace of a celebrity hunter.
Butterfly Femur X Leg armor crafted of insect material. High class item worn only by celebrities.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Butterfly Caput X PhantomButterfly (3), Great Hornfly (2), Thunderbug Jelly (3), Blazing Fire Sac (4). 13800z
Butterfly Pectus X PhantomButterfly (2), Great Hornfly (3), Emperor Cricket (8), DeadlyPoisonSac (4). 13800z
Butterfly Brasso X PhantomButterfly (3), Great Hornfly (2), Lightning Sac (4), Paralysis Sac (3). 13800z
Butterfly Cocusa X PhantomButterfly (2), Great Hornfly (3), DeadlyPoisonSac (6), Great Ladybug (3). 13800z
Butterfly Femur X PhantomButterfly (3), Great Hornfly (2), Monster Essence (4), FireWyvern BrnStm (3). 13800z
Total PhantomButterfly (13), Great Hornfly (12), DeadlyPoisonSac (10), Blazing Fire Sac (4), Emperor Cricket (8), Lightning Sac (4), Paralysis Sac (3), Great Ladybug (3), Monster Essence (4), FireWyvern BrnStm (3) . 69000z

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Butterfly Caput X PelletS Up +2, Cold Res -2, Gathering +2, Evade +3.
Butterfly Pectus X Cold Res -2, Gathering +2, Evade +3.
Butterfly Brasso X Cold Res -2, Gathering +2, Evade +3.
Butterfly Cocusa X Cold Res -2, Gathering +2, Evade +3.
Butterfly Femur X Cold Res -2, Gathering +2, Evade +3.
Total PelletS Up +2, Cold Res -10, Gathering +10, Evade +15.
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Cold Increase [Lo]: Stamina decreases faster due to cold effects.
  2. Gathering+1: Able to gather more from gathering spot or mining spot.
  3. Evade+2: Increased invulnerability time during rolling, diving, backhopping and sidestepping


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 3.
  • Torso: 2.
  • Arms: 2.
  • Waist: 3.
  • Legs: 3.

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