Nergigante is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

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Nergigante is a dragon with a bristly appearance. It is covered in spikes that constantly regrow as they're broken off. It has two massive horns similar to a bull. The monster's hide is primarily black with purple and orange accents.


Nergigante is able to regenerate and heal its wounds at a remarkable rate. When the spikes on its tail, arms, or back are broken, they'll immediately grow back. These spikes are white in color when they regrow, but will turn black if left to harden. Once these spikes have hardened, they will deal more damage to foes and repel attacks. These spikes will also be launched from Nergigante's body when it performs certain attacks, giving these attacks more range and making them more dangerous.


Nergigante is an extremely aggressive monster that will continue to fight even if it means harming its own body. It'll attack anything without hesitation, especially if a creature dares attack it. Nergigante is particularly ferocious towards other Elder Dragons, since it feeds on them.

Nergigante actively hunts and feeds on Elder Dragons to gain massive amounts of energy. Because of this, it will get into turf wars with the Elder Dragons Kushala Daora and Teostra.


Nergigante has been witnessed at the Great Ravine, Everstream, Elder's Recess and Wildspire Waste.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Nergigante Damage Effectiveness
Element Effectiveness Status Effectiveness
Fire Poison ★★
Water Sleep ★★
Thunder ★★★ Paralysis ★★
Ice Blast ★★
Dragon ★★ Stun ★★

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter: World
MHW-Nergigante Icon A terrible elder dragon that appears when other elders are in the vicinity. Its penchant for destruction is well documented.


  • It is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter: World.
  • Nergigante is constantly regenerating its skin as it attacks and is stroke by hunters. It will slowly grow white spikes on certain body parts, which harden over time. Hunters must try to break the white spikes before they harden. Once they have hardened, its attacks deal more damage.[1]
    • Nergigante actually breaks its own parts with the immense force behind its attacks.
    • Additionally, the hardened spikes require higher sharpness on melee weapons than normal to prevent bouncing off.
  • Nergigante can grow spikes on its head, tail, both forelegs and both wings.
    • When all possible body parts have hardened spikes, Nergigante will perform a special attack. It will briefly hover in the air, before crashing down. This will break the spikes on all body parts.
  • Nergigante is extremely susceptible to all status ailments.[2]
  • Despite being an Elder Dragon, Nergigante can become fatigued during battle.[3]
  • Nergigante's horns, front limbs, wings, and tail can be broken. Its tail can also be severed.
    • Breaking Negigante's spikes will not grant part break rewards. The only break reward is from breaking the horns.
  • During the battle against Zorah Magdaros, Nergigante will appear to protect it despite also trying to hunt Zorah Magdaros, possibly because of the interference of the Commission.
  • Nergigante could be fought at the Wildspire Wastes in the Monster Hunter: World beta. It can never be found here physically in the full game, however, only being implied to have been here as remains of its spikes can be seen in the story related quest, "Sinister Shadows in the Swamp".
  • Nergigante's role in the story of Monster Hunter: World is similar to Lagiacrus in Tri as they were both mistakenly accused of being the source of a huge anomaly and were ultimately hunted down for it.

  • Nergigante can have turf wars with Kushula Daora, Teostra and Lunastra.


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