Nergigante is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

MHW-Nergigante Render 001


Like most other Elder Dragons, Nergigante possesses six limbs; four legs and two wings. Its body is covered in rows of black spikes used for fighting foes. Younger versions of these spikes are white in color. On its head are two large horns resembling a bull.


Nergigante is able to regenerate at a rapid rate. When the spikes on its tail, arms, or back are broken, they'll immediately grow back. These spikes are white in color when they regrow, but will turn black if left to harden. Once these spikes have hardened, they will deal more damage to foes and repel attacks.


Nergigante is an extremely aggressive monster that'll continue to fight, even if it means harming its own body. It'll attack anything without hesitation, especially if a creature dares attack it.


Nergigante has been witnessed at the Unnamed MHW Area 1 and Wildspire Waste.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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  • It is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter: World.
  • Nergigante is constantly regenerating its skin as it attacks and is being stroke by hunters. It will slowly grow white spikes on certain body parts, which harden overtime. Hunters must try to break the white spikes before they harden. Once they have hardened, its attacks deal more damage.[1]
    • Nergigante actually breaks its own parts with the immense force behind its attacks.


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