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Narga X Armor
for Male/Female
Rarity: 9, Total Slots: 11
General Information
NargaXGN Total Defenses:
Initial Defense 220
Max Defense (?)
Fire Resistance -10
Water Resistance 20
Ice Resistance 15
Thunder Resistance -5
Dragon Resistance 5
Skill Effects: Attack Down (small), Evade Distance Up, and Evade+2.
Armor Pieces
MH3icon-Helm Head Narga Cap X
MH3icon-Plate Torso Narga Vest X
MH3icon-Gauntlets Arms Narga Guards X
MH3icon-Waist Waist Narga Coat X
MH3icon-Leggings Feet Narga Leggings X

Armor Description

Armor Piece Description
Head2Narga Cap X Cap as dark as the night. Gives of the aura of some-thing slicing in the dark.
Chest2Narga Vest X Vest that's dark like the night. the beautiful tail looks like a shooting star.
Hands3Narga Guards X Guards as black as night. Weapon in hand looks like the moon in a dark sky.
Waist2Narga Coat X Coat as dark as the night. It makes the wearer look like a social elite.
Legs2Narga Leggings X Leggings as dark as night. Frightening as the one who runs through the shadows.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Head2Narga Cap X HvyNargaTailSpik (5), ThickNargaScale (4), HvnlyNargaScale (1), Monster Essence (4). 15600z
Chest2Narga Vest X BlackNargaPelt+ (3), ThickNargaScale (2), HvyNargacugaFang (4), Mellanje Ore (4). 15600z
Hands3Narga Guards X BlackNargaPelt+ (4), ThickNargaScale (3), HvyNargacugaFang (6), SpecRemobraSkin+ (2). 15600z
Waist2Narga Coat X ThickNargaScale (5), StrNargaCuttingWng (2), Hvy Monster Bone (2), Monster Essence (5). 15600z
Legs2Narga Leggings X BlackNargaPelt+ (4), ThickNargaScale (3), HvnlyNargaScale (1), SpecRemobraSkin+ (4). 15600z
Total HvnlyNargaScale (2), ThickNargaScale (17), BlackNargaPelt+ (11), StrNargaCuttingWng (2), HvyNargaTailSpik (5), HvyNargacugaFang (10), SpecRemobraSkin+ (6), Mellanje Ore (4), Monster Essence (9). 78000z

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Head2Narga Cap X Attack -3, Evade +3, Evade Dist +1.
Chest2Narga Vest X Attack -2, Evade +4, Evade Dist +1.
Hands3Narga Guards X Attack -2, Evade +5, Evade Dist +2.
Waist2Narga Coat X Attack -2, Evade +2, Evade Dist +3, SpeedSetup +2.
Legs2Narga Leggings X Attack -2, Evade +2, Evade Dist +3, SpeedSetup +2.
Total Attack -11, Evade +16, Evade Dist +10, SpeedSetup +4.
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Evade+2: Increased invulnerability time during rolling, diving, backhopping and sidestepping.
  2. Evade Distance Up: The distance covered when performing evasive moves is increased.
  3. Attack Down (Small): Slight decrease in attack.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 3.
  • Torso: 2.
  • Arms: 2.
  • Waist: 2.
  • Legs: 2

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