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Myo Galuna
English: Myo Galuna
Japanese: ミオガルナ
Nicknames: N/A
English: The Forbidden Dragon of Light
Japanese: 輝龍
General Information
Species: Elder Dragon
Element/s: Likely Wind, as weapons crafted from its hide have wind powers, and possibly what looks like light
Ailment/s: Currently Unknown
Weakest to: Currently Unknown
Weakness Sign: (?)
Signature Move: (?)
Habitats: Currently Unknown
Monster Size: (?)
Monsters in Relation: None
Generation: Orage

Myo Galuna is a monster that has only been mentioned as a legend in the MH Orage manga.


According to the legend, it "appears in the night sky, as bright as the stars." [1] It is also mentioned to be the "forbidden dragon of light." Although associated with images of paradise, many say it is actually as ferocious as a demon. An elite group of hunters, referred to as "Seal Hunters", constantly search for this monster.


  • The picture of Myo Galuna looks very similar to the White Fatalis, although his close-up demeanor is very different to that of a White Fatalis

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