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My Lord's Errand MH3U Quest

Objective: Hunt an Arzuros

Region: Deserted Island (Day)

Reward: 1200z


Limit:50 minutes

Terms: None

Details: "Grim tidings. An Arzuros has been roaming the Derserted Island. Its appearance is ill timed with my lord's visit for he is not as spry as he once was. Good hunter, vanquish the Arzuros for the sake of my graybeard liege." -Reticent Bodyguard

Reward A

Item Name # %
Arzuros Pelt 1 100%
Arzuros Shell 1 29%
Arzuros Pelt 1 20%
Jumbo bone 1 13%
Bone 2 13%
Honey 3 12%
Arzuros Brace 1 6%
Armor Sphere 1 4%
Armor Sphere 2 3%

Reward B

Item Name # %


3 100%
Honey 1 20%
Paintberry 2 20%
Herb 2 16%
Blue Mushroom 1 14%
Felvine 2 10%
Ivy 1 10%

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