Mosswine Topics:


Low Rank [1]
From Item Name Chance
Body Blue Mushroom 45%
Raw Meat 30%
Special Mushroom 20%
Mosswine Hide 5%
High Rank [2]
From Item Name Chance
Body Blue Mushroom 42%
Raw Meat 20%
Special Mushroom 20%
Select Mushroom 10%
Mosswine Hide 8%

Credit goes to Kawakami_Hanabi

Name In-Game Description Low-Rank % High-Rank % G-Rank % Value Rarity
Meat-Red Raw Meat Meat obtained through carving up a monster. Has many uses. 30% 20% 20% 5z 1
Mushroom-Blue Blue Mushroom Rare Mushroom with a power-enhancing effect. 45% 42% 33% 2z 2
MushroomIcon Special Mushroom Tiny, difficult to pick. A Mosswine's favorite food. 25% 20% 20% 50z 5
MushroomIcon Select Mushroom Selected from Special Mushrooms for their size and taste. (Account Item) -- 10% 15% 500z 5
Mosswine Hide Mosswine Hide. It's covered in moss. 5% 8% 12% 36z 4

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