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The Morsel Bowfish is a Bow type weapon.


Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate

Morsel Bowfish (MH3U)
2ndGen-Bow Render 015 Attack 156 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Special - 8,250z -
Defense Bonus - Required Materials
Affinity 0%
Speartuna (1)
Monster Bone+ (2)
Antiseptic Stone (2)
Voucher (2)
Coating Boost Paralysis
Charge Levels Rapid Lv1
Spread Lv2
Spread Lv3
Arc Wide
Coatings ItemIcon040e ItemIcon040a ItemIcon040c ItemIcon040
Slots O O O
Rarity ItemIcon042f (3)
Description An eco-friendly Bow designed to
make use of old swordfish leftovers.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Morsel Bowfish >> Upgraded Into
- Ample Bowfish
Bow Weapon Tree


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