Well, because I have been getting Emails asking for Red Bubble items, I’ve
              decided to remove the old section from my walkthrough, and make a separate FAQ
              just for the bubbles. I hope that you find this guide more helpful and easier
              to use compared to the Red Bubble Section in my Monster Hunter 2 walkthrough
==============What are Red Bubbles?================

In Monster Hunter 2, you must interact with the Villagers a bit more than you
              did in Monster Hunter 1. To progress in the game, you must complete various
              “Red Bubble” requests from the Villagers. They are quite easy to see, a simple
              red speech bubble above a villager’s head.

Most are mandatory to finish the game, while others can be considered
optional... to a certain extent. If you want to get to certain places in the
game, such as the original map in Monster Hunter: Forest and Hills, you will
have to complete these requests.

For the most part, you will need to finish all the requests to progress. But,
they have another use; by completing the Red Bubbles, you can upgrade certain
parts of the village (Lv 3 is the Maximum)

Tavern: The Tavern upgrades from red bubbles that you must do to complete the
game. Just keep progressing and it will eventually hit Lv 3.

Armory: The Blacksmith’s requests are optional. Although, if you want the
Legendary Blacksmith to appear, (He provides the Lao-Shan quest) you will need
the Armory at Lv 3.

Mine: The mine upgrades in a different way. You don’t need red bubbles, instead
you must give the guy inside the mine Pickaxes. Eventually the mine cart on the
side will fill up and the Mine will level up. (The apprentice in the mine will
show up eventually, be patient.)

Shipyard: The Catfish man (Arm-wrestling guy) will give you the ability to
travel to Kokoto if you get the Shipyard to Lv 3. You will encounter Rathalos’,
Chachabu, and Oonazuchi here.

That’s it for uses of the Red bubbles.
========What are Blue Bubbles For?============
ears for the specific area.

            The Blacksmith has a blue bubble for you, and you complete it. A bit later, a
            few of her apprentices have Blue Bubbles over their heads. You complete those,
            and a Red Bubble appears over the Blacksmith’s head.

The Armory consists of the Blacksmith herself, and her apprentices; while the
Shipyard consists of the Combiner, the Catfish man, and the two eventual
merchants at the bottom of the village. (I think the Cat merchant may be
included too, I have not tested this.)

Keep in mind that Blue bubbles are totally optional if you don’t want to do the
Red Bubbles. If you desperately need to upgrade a part of town, just switch
seasons and new blue bubbles will appear.

That’s all you need to know about Blue Bubbles.

B. Starting out, your first quest!                               (b.strt)
C. Gather items for the Village Chief                            (c.gath)
D. Setting up the combine shop                                   (d.comb)
E. Your first Wyvern: Yian Kut-Ku!                               (e.frst)
F. A new hunting ground: the Desert                              (f.dsrt)
G. Fighting a giant crab: Daimyo Hermitaur                       (g.daim)
H. The village is expanding! (Part I)                            (h.expd)
    1. Blacksmith's request                                      (blksm1)
    2. Ship Carpenter's request                                  (shpcp1)
    3. Wandering Saleswoman's request                            (wndswm)
I. A request from the item shop                                  (
J. Settling the score with Kushala Daora                         (j.kush)
K. The village is expanding! (Part II)                           (k.expd)
    1. Blacksmith's request                                      (blksm2)
    2. Ship Carpenter's request                                  (shpcp2)
    3. Wandering Saleswoman's request                            (vllgch)
L. The elder dragon, Lunastra                                    (l.luna)
M. Kokoto village: raging Rathalos                               (m.rlos)
N. Kokoto village: lofty Monoblos                                (n.mbls)
O. Kokoto village: hidden Chameleos                              (o.cham)


A. Introduction                                                  (intdc2)

B. Training quests                                               (trqust)
 Basic Training: Basics
    1. Basics                                                        01:
    2. BBQ                                                           02:
    3. Gathering                                                     03:
    4. Combining                                                     04:
    5. Fishing                                                       05:
 Basic Training: Weapons     (+ Weapon controls list)
    1. Sword and Shield                                              01;
    2. Greatsword                                                    02;
    3. Hammer                                                        03;
    4. Lance                                                         04;
    5. Dual Swords                                                   05;
    6. Longsword                                                     06;
    7. Hunting Horn                                                  07;
    8. Gunlance                                                      08;
    9. Light Bowgun                                                  09;
   10. Heavy Bowgun                                                  10;
   11. Bow                                                           11;
 Basic Training: Carrying and Hunting
    1. Egg thieving                                                  01-
    2. Monster Hunting                                               02-
Advanced Training: Field Hunting
    1. A great Day for Fishing!                                      01#
    2. Giant Buggers!                                                02#
    3. Stop the Desert Gang!                                         03#
    4. Grab those Herbivore Eggs!                                    04#
    5. Hunt the Queen of the Jungle!                                 05#
    6. Hunt the White Velociprey!                                    06#
    7. A hidden Crab at the Oasis!                                   07#
    8. Tasty Khezu Eggs!                                             08#
    9. Surprise! Two large Beasts!                                   09#
Advanced Training: Arena Battles
    1. Hunt the blue faced Monsters!                                 01}
    2. Sighting of a strange Bird!                                   02}
    3. The Queen of the Land!                                        03}
    4. The Scythe of the Shogun!                                     04}
    5. The Lightning from Heaven!                                    05}

C. Offline quests during warm season                             (wrmsea)
 1 star quests(*):
    1. Explore the Jungle!                                           01*
    2. Hunt down the Velocidrome!                                    02*
    3. Hunt the Wild Boar!                                           03*
    4. Jungle Menace                                                 04*
    5. The Purple Poison Menace                                      05*
    6. Fang of the Iodrome                                           06*
    7. Attack of the Blue Kut-Ku                                     07*
    8. Gypceros: Venomous Terror                                     08*
    9. Reckless Bulldrome Hunter                                     09*
   10. The Ioprey Leader                                             10*
   11. Basarios: Unseen Peril                                        11*
 2 star quests(**):
   12. Aim for the Jungle Crab                                       12*
   13. Queen of the Jungle                                           13*
   14. The Mischief Maker                                            14*
   15. Red Shadow in the Snow                                        15*
   16. The King's Domain                                             16*
 3 star quests(***):
   17. Master of the Giant Lake                                      17*
   18. Supreme Ruler of the Swamp                                    18*
   19. The Ruler of the Snow                                         19*
   20. Black Rock in the Swamp                                       20*
 4 star quests(****):
   21. The Elder Dragon of Wind                                      21*
   22. Towards the Silence                                           22*
   23. Emperor in the Swamp                                          23*
   24. The Legendary Kirin                                           24*
   25. The Frozen Dictator                                           25*
   26. Emperor of Flame                                              26*
   27. Empress of Flame                                              27*
   28. Towards the Silence                                           28*
   29. A Scenic Locale                                               29*
   30. Overseer of the Ancients                                      30*

D. Offline quests during cold season                             (cldsea)
 1 star quests(*):
    1. Explore the Jungle!                                           01)
    2. Hunt the Wild Boar!                                           02)
    3. Blue Coloured Bird sighted                                    03)
    4. Hunt the Gendrome!                                            04)
    5. Reckless Hunter                                               05)
    6. The Poison Purple Menace                                      06)
 2 star quests(**):
    7. Rarest of the Rare Beasts                                     07)
    8. Pink Fire Wyvern in the Jungle                                08)
    9. The Land Shark                                                09)
   10. White Shadow in the Dark                                      10)
   11. Queen's Dance in the Marsh                                    11)
   12. Fire Wyvern in the Sky                                        12)
 3 star quests(***):
   13. Green Menace in the Water                                     13)
   14. The Silver Horn                                               14)
   15. The Runaway Diablos                                           15)
   16. Terror of the Gravios                                         16)
   17. Commander in the Flames                                       17)
 4 star quests(****):
   18. The Elder Dragon of Wind                                      18)
   19. Ghost in the Forest                                           19)
   20. The Dragon of Steel                                           20)
   21. A Sun with Fangs                                              21)
   22. Fallen Sun in the Sand                                        22)
   23. Emperor in the Swamp                                          23)
   24. Towards the Silence                                           24)
   25. A Scenic Locale                                               25)
   26. Overseer of the Ancients                                      26)

E. Offline quests during breeding season                         (bresea)
 1 star quests(*):
    1. Explore the Jungle!                                           01/
    2. Hunt down the Velocidrome!                                    02/
    3. Jungle Menace                                                 03/
    4. Hunt the Gendrome!                                            04/
    5. Fang of the Iodrome!                                          05/
    6. Gypceros: Venomous Terror                                     06/
    7. Basarios: Unseen Peril                                        07/
 2 star quests(**):
    8. Rarest of the Rare Beasts                                     08/
    9. Queen of the Jungle                                           09/
   10. Aim for the Jungle Crab                                       10/
   11. Blooming Cherry Blossom                                       11/
   12. The Mischief Maker                                            12/
   13. Shadow in the Snow                                            13/
   14. A Troublesome Pair                                            14/
   15. Water Wyvern in the Desert                                    15/
 3 star quests(***):
   16. Battle of the Blos                                            16/
   17. The Runaway Diablos                                           17/
   18. Supreme Ruler of the Swamp                                    18/
   19. Black Rock in the Swamp                                       19/
   20. The ruler of the Snow                                         20/
   21. Commander in the Flames                                       21/
   22. Lair of the Wyvern                                            22/
 4 star quests(****):
   23. Evaporate into the Night                                      23/
   24. The Dragon of Steel                                           24/
   25. A Sun with Fangs                                              25/
   26. Fallen Sun in the Sand                                        26/
   27. Towards the Silence                                           27/
   28. The Legendary Kirin                                           28/
   29. The Frozen Dictator                                           29/
   30. Emperor of Flame                                              30/
   31. The Empress's Blazing Throne
Once you've created your character, you'll be introduced to Jumbo village via
a beautiful FMV. When it's done, talk to the Village Chief by pressing circle.
He will give you 1500z to get started. The first thing you should do, is buy
4 pickaxes and bugnets from the cat's shop on the bottom left, because you'll
have to do a lot of item gathering to advance with the story. Once that's
over with, proceed to the lady at the counter and talk to her twice. You'll be
given your first quest, which is:

Warm     Explore the      Jungle      0   (M)Deliver 5 Special Mushrooms  300
season   Jungle!                          (S1)Deliver 2 Royal Beetles     450
                                          (S2)Deliver 4 Raw Meat          100
(M)  Gather 5 of these from the mushroom spots in areas 1,2,5,6,9 and 10 and
     deliver in the red box in camp.
(S1) Catch them at bugspots (where green pireflies are flying around)
     in areas 2,3 and 10.
(S2) Kill Aptonoth or Kelbi and carve them up for meat. Then deliver 4 in the
     red box.

  NOTE: You can finish either of the 3 quest objectives to finish the quest,
        but only the main objective (M) will count towards a cleared quest. 
        To finish a quest when you've fulfilled one of the subquests, go to
        the bed in camp and choose the second option.

  Other useful things to do while on this quest:
  - Make sure you gather at least 5 Blue Mushrooms, which you need later on.
  - Kill Bullfango in area 9 and carve them up. You'll need 1 Bullfango Pelt.
  - Gather Sunstone Ore from the mining spots (walls with cracks in it) in
    areas 4 and 8 with your pickaxe. You'll need 3 of them later on.
  - Mine for Iron Ore in areas 1,3 and 7. You need it to upgrade your weapon.
After finishing the quest, you'll be back in the village. Go to your house to
put all your stuff (except pickaxes and bugnets) in the box. Re-buy broken
iron pickaxes and bugnets. If you have some Iron Ore, you can now upgrade your
weapon at the blacksmith (speak to the old lady at the furnace). If you talk
to the Village Chief, you'll see that he has a red bubble above his head.
After receiving a Mega Potion, this is what he'll want you to get him:

  - 5x Blue Mushroom (should have gotten it in your first quest)
  - 1x Bullfango Pelt (same as above)

Give him what he needs and you'll receive 120z in return. The fisher man will
now be near the river at the southside of Jumbo village, which will give you
3x Worm. Go to the river bank right next to him and you'll be able to do some
fishing. A rival hunter will appear and 6 basic training quests become
available at the Training Dojo. Also 2 new quests to play at the quest counter
(not the training quests). Pick the one with Velocidrome and try to do it when
it's night time:

Warm     Hunt down the    Jungle    100   (M)Hunt Velocidrome             600
season   Velocidrome!                     (S1)Kill 8 Velociprey           300
                                          (S2)Deliver 5 Special Mushrooms 300
(M)  Kill or capture Velocidrome. He rotates between areas 6,7,3 and 8. The 
     first time he'll be in area 8.
(S1) Kill 8 minions of Velocidrome. They're blue coloured as well.
(S2) Gather these from the mushroom spots in areas 1,2,5,6,9 and 10.

  - Make sure you gather at least 5 Night Herbs in area 2,4 and 6. If you
    didn't get enough, you'll have to do another night-time quest (like I had
  - Make sure you carve at least 1 Small Hermitaur Shell from the crab
  - Mine for Machalite Ore in areas 4,7 and 8. You need it to upgrade your
Back in the village, put stuff you got from the quest in your box and upgrade
your weapon again if you can. The Combine-shopkeeper will now appear and he'll
require you to bring him the following items in order to open his shop:

  - 1x Small Hermitaur Shell
  - 5x Night Herbs
  - 3x Sunstone Ore

You'll receive 250z in return for your efforts. There is a quest we haven't
done yet, so let's do it now. Choose night/day time if you still need some
Night herbs or Sunstone Ore respectively. If you already have everything, 
either will be fine. Sunstone Ore is a little more useful than Night Herbs

Warm     Hunt the         Jungle    100   (M)Hunt Bulldrome               700
season   wild Boar!                       (S1)Kill 8 Vespoid              200
                                          (S2)Deliver 2 Royal Beetles     450
(M)  Kill or capture Bulldrome. He rotates between areas 2,5,7,3.
(S1) Kill 8 Vespoids, which can be found in almost every area. Use a poison
     Sword and Shield (SnS) or poison bombs if you want to carve them.
(S2) Catch them at bugspots (where green pireflies are flying around)
     in areas 2,3 and 10.
Back in Jumbo Village, put your items away and upgrade your weapon if
NOTE: By now you might have a choice between going with the Assassin's
        Dagger path or the Serpent Bite path. The choice is yours, but I
        would take the latter, since it can be upgraded into a stun or poison
        SnS. Stun is really useful to hit the monster's weak spot (usually
        the head) while paralyzed. Poison will do a set amount of damage over
        time, which is great for killing vespoids and hornetaurs without
        making them shatter. Or you can try out a different weapon class
        altogether. Hammers are very powerful and easy to use once you get the
        hang of them, but you won't be able to cut tails.
The Village Chief has another red bubble above his head, and you know what
that means: he requires more materials to allow you to advance as a hunter. 
First, he'll give you 3x Bomb Material. Then he'll ask for:

  - 3x Velocidrome Claw (from Velocidrome, carve+rewards)
  - 1x Bulldrome Hide (from Bulldrome, carve+rewards)

You'll receive 120z if you fulfill his request. You'll now be able to search
quests at the counter by map. Also, new items are on sale in the item shop and
combine shop now. Villagers will occasionally have blue bubbles above their
heads. Fulfilling those requests will not advance the story, but NPC's might
give you some money, items or treat you to a free meal at your house for it.
Later on in the game, it will trigger even more events.

Another quest in the Jungle has also opened up (still in WARM season), which
has a Yian Kut-Ku in it. You can do this now if you want, because you'll need
a Kut-Ku Webbing later on.

Warm    Jungle Menace     Jungle    150   (M)Hunt Yian Kut-Ku             1200
season                                    (S1)Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear       700
                                          (S2)Kill 8 Vespoid              200
(M)  Kill or capture Kut-Ku. He flies to various places, but always rests in
     area 6 when he limps and his ears are down (means he's almost dead).
(S1) Obtained from the shiny drop of Kut-Ku by dizzying him with a sonic bomb
     or a small bomb. If he didn't drop anything, wait until he's no longer
     enraged to do it again, because he can't be dizzied while angry.
(S2) Kill 8 Vespoids, which can be found in almost every area. Use a poison
     Sword and Shield (SnS) or poison bombs if you want to carve them.

  - You need 1 Webbing from Kut-Ku to advance in the story. You don't have to
    do anything special for it, just kill him and hope you get one. If not,
    rince and repeat.
  NOTE: The quest won't always be available due to seasons changing. Rest
        assured though that you can get Webbings from any quest with a Kut-Ku
        in it, even Blue Kut-Ku's. The blue ones have a lot more HP though,
        so it will take longer to kill them.
Now it's finally time to go to the new hunting ground, i.e. the Desert. Beware
that during warm season (when the top left icon is orange coloured), you
cannot enter the desert because it is too hot and therefore closed off. If you
want to proceed in the story, you'll have to wait until cold or breeding
season. You can also just go to bed in your house and choose the third option
(800z) which will make you sleep until the next season. Now quests have opened
up, let's choose the one with Gendrome in it to proceed with the story.

Cold    Hunt the          Desert    100   (M)Hunt Gendrome                800
season  Gendrome!                         (S1)Kill 6 Genprey              400 
                                          (S2)Deliver 1 Cactus            400
(M)  Kill or capture Gendrome. He rotates between area 4,2,1,5,6 or 4,2,3,7,6.
(S1) Kill 8 minions of Gendrome. They look the same, only a bit smaller.
(S2) For the Cactus, you have to combine a cactus Flower and a Macha Pot.
     Put it in the ground, wait at least 5 minutes and gather it from the
     place where you buried it.

  - You need 3x Gendrome Hides and 5 Cactus Flowers to advance in the story.
    The former are from Gendrome (carve+rewards), the latter can be found in
    areas 5 and 8 mostly.
Back in the village, talk to the Village Chief if you haven't already, because
he has a new red bubble request. He'll give you 2x Sonic Bombs. The required
items are:

  - 3x Gendrome Hide
  - 1x Kut-Ku Webbing
  - 5x Cactus Flower

You'll receive 120z, which is ridiculously little, compared to your efforts 
(I swear, he's the stingiest of them all!). If you talk to him again, he'll
give 1x Lg Barrel Bomb that does a set damage of 80HP, meaning it's pretty
powerful. The demand for help just keeps on coming, because he already has a
new request and it's nothing less than hunting down a Daimyo Hermitaur.

N/A   The Lurking       Desert    200   (M)Hunt Daimyo Hermitaur        1800
      Desert Giant                      (S1)
(M)  Kill or capture Daimyo Hermitaur. He'll start in area 9 and then move to
     area 5. When he's weakened, you'll see dark blue bubbles at his mouth and
     he'll escape to area 9 again.

   NOTE: It doesn't matter in what season you take this quest. Since it's an
         urgent quest, it will always be available.

  - If you've never played any previous MH games, this will be your first
    tougher quest where you don't get additional supplies from completing
    sub quest objectives. So remember to bring enough potions, stamina items
    and whetstones. Also, FYI, Daimyo is more vulnerable to impact type
    weapons like hammers, hunting horns and lances than to slash type weapons 
    like SnS, dual swords, and great/long swords. His claws can be broken with
    slash weapons, but his shell will require impact.
Upon entering the village, you'll immediately notice that the quest counter
has been upgraded to level 2 and you'll now be able to search quests by
monster species, such as Bird-Wyvern, Wyvern, Mammal, Piscine, Carapaceon,
etc. A new area has been added to explore: the Swamp, which is rainy during
the day and turns poisonous during the night.

Go back to your house and you'll see the Village Chief. He'll give you 5x
Honey and will even treat you to a free meal! Bon appetit. Ahem... A new
selection of goods will be available at the combine shop, trainee hunter and
the traveling saleswoman (old lady with huge backpack) will appear, the latter
one will do so when doing blue bubble requests for any villager. She sells
some great stuff, such as 2 expansion packs that will enable your box at home
to contain more items. Next to that, she'll be followed by a cute little
piggie which can become your pet if you talk to it and press circle at the
right time (you can give it a name too). Lastly, there will be a few new
quests at the Trainig Dojo.

NOTE: You need 1x Psychoserum much later on in the story, so be sure to buy
      at least one from the Travelling Saleswoman. You can combine
      Psychoserums too if you want, but the required items are more bothersome
      to get than just buying the item itself.
      (thanks to paul999 for the tip)

Continuing on with the story line, there are 3 people who will have a red
bubble above their heads: 1) Blacksmith, 2) Ship carpenter, 3) Wandering 
1) Blacksmith's request
The Blacksmith will want the following items:

  - 20x Iron Ore
  - 16x Earth Crystal
  - 2x Iodrome Hide

Assuming you already know how to get the first two items (from mining), let's
focus on getting the Iodrome Hides.

Warm     Fang of the      Swamp     100   (M)Hunt Iodrome                 900
season   Iodrome!                         (S1)Kill 15 Hornetaur           300
                                          (S2)Deliver 10 Special Mushrms  600
(M)  Kill or capture Iodrome. He rotates between areas 6,5,7 and 8.
(S1) Kill 8 Hornetaurs, which can be found in various areas. Use a poison
     Sword and Shield (SnS) or poison bombs if you want to carve them.
(S2) Gather these from the mushroom spots in areas 2,4,5 and 6.

  NOTE: There is an Iodrome quest in the Swamp during breeding season as well.
        The subquest objectives will be different though. Check the Offline
        quests list (Part II of the FAQ) for more info.

You'll receive 300z after giving her all the items. What is important now, is
that you do blue bubble quests for her till her next red bubble quest appears.
If she doesn't have any blue bubbles, you can do any random quest or start
gathering the materials needed for the red bubble request of the ship
carpenter located at the northside of Jumbo (see below).

Once the red bubble shows up, this is what she'll want:

  - 5x Machalite Ore (Jungle mining in areas 4,7,8)
  - 15x Bone (Search between bones in Jungle areas 6,7,8)
  - 5x Kut-Ku Shell (Kut-Ku quests, carve+rewards)

You'll receive 300z again, but nothing else will happen right now. Do any
quest you like (or save and reset) and when you get back to Jumbo, the
Blacksmith will have upgraded to level 2! The old lady has hired 2 apprentices
to assist her and a new shop has opened up in the second shop window (the guy
keeps both shops open, which causes lots of funny rolling back and forth).

In the cave on the east side of the village, a miner has now shown up. Give
him a pickaxe every time you get back in town, because you need to get an item
from him to advance in the story later on (can only be obtained after you
have cleared the Kushala Daora quest in Mountains, see "(j.kush)"). Even after
you got it, it's best to keep giving him pickaxes. Because every time the cart
fills, the mine will upgrade until you can reach for the sword that is stuck
in the Lao skull.
2) Ship carpenter's request
- 2x Hermitaur Shell
  - 3x Rubbery Hide
  - 1x Plesioth Scale

You might already have 2 Hermitaur Shells from the urgent quest, but if you
don't, do another Daimyo Hermitaur quest. The Rubbery Hides are from Gypceros:

Breeding   Gypceros:      Swamp     150   (M)Hunt Gypceros                1400
season     Venomous                       (S1)Deliver 1 Rough Gray Crystl 800
           Terror                         (S2)Break Gypceros' Head Crystl 600
(M)  Kill or capture Gypceros. He flies to various places, but always rests in
     area 2. He might limp when almost dead, but rarely does so.
(S1) Mine the Crystal in area 3 or 9 and carry it to the red box in camp. The
     Backpacker skill helps a lot when carrying something.
(S2) Hit Gypceros' head repeatedly to break his crystal. There aren't a lot of
     opportunities to hit it though, but using paralysis will help a lot.

  NOTE: There is a Gypceros quest during warm season as well. The subquest
        objectives will be different though. Check the Offline quests list for
        more info. Make sure you don't pick a Purple Gypceros quest instead.

The last item you need is a Plesioth Scale, which you can, not surprisingly,
get from Plesioth:

Breeding   Water Wyvern   Desert    300   (M)Hunt Plesioth                2600
season     in the Desert                  (S1)Fish Plesioth out of water  600
                                          (S2)Deliver 2 Goldfish          500
(M)  Kill or capture Plesioth. He rotates between areas 7 and 6. When his
     dorsal and head fin go down, he's weakened and ready for capture.
(S1) You need frogs to do this, which can be found in area 3 of the Desert.
     Search the spot with the little stones lying around.
(S2) Can be found in area 1 and 6. Be sure to bring Goldfish bait (combine 
     Firefly+Snakebee Larva), because only Goldfish will bite that bait type.

If you give all the stuff he needs, you'll receive 130z. Just like with the 
blacksmith, you'll have to do blue bubble quests for him until his next red
bubble request shows up.

Once the red bubble shows up, this is what he'll want:

  - 6x Main Mast (combine Conga Hide+Lg Monster Bone or Conga Hide+Large Bone)
    -> Conga Hide: from Congalala or small Conga's
    -> Lg Monster Bone: from Wyverns or Piscine Wyverns
    -> Large Bone: from Bulldrome (carve)

You'll receive 130z for your efforts. Like with the Blacksmith's upgrade, you
have to go on a quest to actually upgrade the Shipyard (or save/reset. Aside
from that, the ingredient shop will now be open for business at the bottom of
the village.
3) Wanderering Saleswoman's request
The wandering Saleswoman will appear by doing blue bubble quests from anyone
in the village. And when she does, she'll need the following items:

  - 1x Iodrome Hide (Iodrome: carve+rewards)
  - 1x Ioprey Fang (Ioprey, Iodrome: carve+rewards)

For this you'll receive 100z and from now on the Dragon lady will appear at
night at the counter next to the other quest lady. She'll have a red bubble
request which is none other than repelling your first Elder Dragon: Kushala

Night   The Elder Dragon  Jungle    400   (M)Repel Kushala Daora         3600
time    of Wind                           (S1)                               
(M)  Don't be fooled by the amount of stars this quest has. While Kushala
     Daora is a tough opponent, you only need to damage him a bit and he'll
     flee after a few minutes or once you've done enough damage. Just throw
     the poison knives at him and whack his face, but be careful of his
     wind blasts. Use flash bombs when he keeps flying. Easy victory all in

Talk to the Dragon lady again and she'll have another quest with Kushala.

Night   The Dragon        Desert    400   (M)Slay Kushala Daora          3600
time    of Steel                          (S1)                               
(M)  Same thing as last time. However, this quest has a unique chance of 
     giving you a Kushala Claw in the rewards without having to break its 
     wings. There's only 10% chance though, so it's up to you if you want to
     reset and redo the quest in order to obtain it. It's definitely worth
     doing, considering the rarity of the item.

Talk to the Dragon lady twice and she'll give you 5x Honey and 1x Spicy Meat
to prepare you for the tough road ahead. A new selection of goods will be
available in the item and combine shops and you've even unlocked a new hunting
ground: Mountains!