Monsters are the central aspect of the Monster Hunter series. Monsters are (by Monster Hunter definition) creatures in the World of Monster Hunter. Many look natural, but some of them have a mythical appearance, and some of them possess mystical, supernatural, and even divine powers. Each of these monsters have abilities that can make them pose a challenge to any hunter. Monsters provide materials, success, fame and glory as hunting them progresses the hunter through the game.

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MH 10th Anniversary-Main Series Monsters Comparison

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  • Minor Monsters - monsters that do not appear in the games proper, but still exist.
  • Rage - a dangerous state among monsters when severely angered
  • Size - monsters can range from tiny to gigantic
  • Frenzy Virus - an infectious disease caused by some specific monsters
  • Hyper State - a mysterious phenomenon in monsters that heightens their aggression
  • Tempered State

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