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Monster Hunter i is a game for the cell phone, it was released in Japan on February 6, 2006.


  • Players can only pick a male character.
  • Hunter has no voice
  • There is no Sharpness
  • Weapon and Armor choices are linear
  • Monsters have health bars.
  • Areas are: Marsh, Volcano, Rocky Desert, Rock, Forest and Hills, and Jungle
  • The game is offline only.
  • It is a port of Monster Hunter G for the cellphone.
  • All the monsters of Monster Hunter G (Even the Subspecies) are in the game with the exception of Khezu and Fatalis.
  • The logo was once "Monster Hunter i", but it changed to "Monster Hunter" on July 1, 2007 in a cellphone update.
  • The monthly fee is 315 Yen


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