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News and Events at the Monster Hunter Wikia

  • Kogath

    Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off RPG coming to Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Kogath

    Congratulations on getting on board with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo! While said demo seems simple at first with only a few monsters to consider, Hunters can easily find themselves thrown rather suddenly into the deep end. New Hunters may have little grasp on the controls and many unknown factors to consider all while a Great Jaggi is going straight for you! Additionally, even veteran Hunters will see new items and whole new ways to attack monsters and maneuver the hunting grounds to close in on your target, be it Tetsucabra or Gore Magala! Not to mention, there's whole new monsters to consider here you may have never even seen before when the full game is made available!

    This tutorial is designed to help Hunters both new and old get a feel for the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo with control explanations, the basics for all the weapon types available, a quick rundown of the monsters you'll encounter, and how to get multiplayer set up easily so you can hunt with your friends! Fin…

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  • Kogath

    Happy New Years from myself and the Staff of the Monster Hunter Wiki!

    As 2014 comes to a close, we look back at a lot of the work that has been done here. A good amount of the MH4 and MH4U stuff has been completed, but a lot more is in store for the future. I can't wait to show you guys some of the new changes that'll be coming here to the Wiki soon.

    With 2015 comes a new Hunting Season. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be releasing in the next few months, and I want to see the hype continue to build. I'll be streaming MH4G more regularly just to help build some hype.

    I hope you all completed your goals for 2014, and let's hear the ones you'll make for 2015! I know I personally have set many for myself, like completing all this MH4U data for the Wiki!

    Image from Damn Wyvern Gems

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  • Kogath

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, and of course, Merry Stompmas from myself and the staff of the MH Wiki.

    I hope you all get what you wished for, and that you enjoy your time with friends and loved ones.

    As 2014 starts to come to a close, don't forget that it's not much longer til the release of MH4U on 3DS (still listed as Early 2015 though), so I want to see that hype building to brand new heights!

    Art by Bleached Ink

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  • Kogath

    Monster Hunter Frontier G7 is announced.

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  • Kogath

    On the 18th April 2013, a trailer came to light promoting a new Monster Hunter game. Capcom later followed it up with an official announcement.

    Crytek initially suggested that the game would see an international release, though the statement was later retracted. They later clarified the issue, stating that the game is unlikely to be released outside China.

    A few new ideas have been shown in the Monster Hunter Online trailers that demonstrate new features. In the CGI trailer, Rathian rams its head into the hunter's Great Sword and they have a push battle. When he is released, he used his GS as an anchor(this might be a fixed fall back).

    Fire is also supposed to behave more realistically, spreading in grass and trees and being affected by players' and monsters' actions. In fact, players can even be hit by blasts of burning flames that could be blown around by a monster's attack, as can be seen in this gameplay video with the Rathian defeating a player by tail-flipping a blast of burning gr…

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  • Mckrongs

    Tested goes behind the scenes with Effects Artist Frank Ippolito on the final week of creating the Gore Magala statue for Capcom. Frank is known for his work on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) and other films. He and his crew of 7-8 people are the ones behind the Gore Magala statue that was in Capcom's booth for E3 2014. The statue was made around 4-5 weeks before the event. Additionally, Frank was also the one behind the archway for the booth, as a last-minute request from Capcom.

    Watch the video below to find out more about the statue. For those that missed the Gore Magala statue in E3 2014, there's another chance to catch it on display at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Frank Ippolito, and Yuri of Capcom-Unity has confirmed that Capcom will be present at SDCC 2014.

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  • Mckrongs

    Hey Hunters. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will appear in this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo, known as E3. IGN made a list of games that will appear in the event, with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and a couple of Capcom and Nintendo titles included on the list.

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  • Matt Hadick

    Greetings Monster Hunter Community,

    Wikia is excited to announce our E3 2014 coverage. All week long, Wikia and several Wikia Stars will be representing you the fans at the most exciting video game show in the world. We want to include you every step of the way, starting with bringing your fan questions to the show along with us. What are you excited to see most at E3? If we get a chance to speak to the developers and publishers of your favorite games, what do you want us to ask them? We can't promise we will be able to ask all of your questions, but we will do our best to get you heard by the creators themselves. Let us know your questions in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you want to see most at this year's E3.

    During the show, we want to spotlight all the fantastic work you do on your community. Creating a ton of new pages? Want to show off a newly announced game in the franchise you love? Want to share your thoughts in a blog? No matter how you plan on celebratin…

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  • Kogath

    To celebrate the release of the new Godzilla movie and the "I guess we're monster hunters now." quote, I decied to put together a Lao-Shan Lung as Godzilla video. Enjoy!

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  • Mckrongs

    Note: As of May 5, 2014, the contest entry period is over. Winners are to be announced soon.

    Hey Hunters, Capcom is hosting an official Weapon design contest open to US and EU residents!

    Note: Questions about the contest should be asked at Capcom-Unity instead.

    Originally from Capcom-Unity:

    Hunters, get your artisan tools ready, for we have a special request for you: design a weapon for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

    All right, the last time something like this happened was for Monster Hunter Tri back in 2009 and we still enjoy the results to this date, so you can see the impact of this kind of contest here... but let’s clarify a few things before you start working on your entry:

    What is this contest?
    We are asking you to design and name a weapon that could be featured in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

    You entry must be based on one of the 14 weapon classes available in game: Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgu…

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  • Kogath

    March 11th, 2004. Monster Hunter graced Japan on the PS2 and went on to become a phenomenon. From the PS2 era to the current gen, Monster Hunter has spawned over 20 different games from consoles, portables, PC, and even mobile games.

    Personally, I've been a part of the series ever since it came out, and I look forward to many more years to come. The series has evolved a lot ever since the PS2 days where we had to attack using the analog stick when we only had Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer, Lance, Light Bowgun, and Heavy Bowgun to use. Now we're swimming under great depths in the oceans on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and jumping into the air to attack monsters on the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

    Here's a look back at the series with multiple intros and promotional videos from all the different games in the series;

    Feel free to comment below and tell the stories of your experiences with this great series!

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  • Kogath

    Celebrating Monster Hunter's 10 Year Anniversary, Capcom has given us two announcements; First off is the announcement of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Releasing in Fall of 2014 for Japan and Early 2015, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will extend the game even further. Save data will be transferable from 4 to 4G but 4U will be standalone. The Dunes area has also been announced for the game.

    Second, Capcom has given us an awesome video showing off all the previous game openings and promotional videos all the way back to the very first Monster Hunter game.

    Keep watching this space, as well as the main Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate page as we keep updating you on any news we find!

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  • Kogath

    - PAL = - JPN = }} |Release Dates = ETA:
    Japan - October 11, 2014
    North America - February 13, 2015
    Europe - February 13, 2015
    Australia - February 14, 2015
    |Systems = Nintendo 3DS |Official Websites =

    |Flagship Monsters = Seregios

    |Generation = Fourth   |Monsters = Ash Kecha Wacha, Berserk Tetsucabra, Desert Seltas, Desert Seltas Queen,
    Shrouded Nerscylla, Seregios, Tidal Najarala, Tigerstripe Zamtrios
    Gogmazios, Shah Dalamadur |Weapons = Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Great Sword, Long Sword,
    Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe,
    Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow }}

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (called Monster Hunter 4G in Japan) is the newest installment in the popular Monster Hunter series, which has sold more than 28 million units worldwide to date. In Monster Hunte…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    As a part of Holiday Know Days, we are kicking off an exciting Community Choice Awards event for Gaming. The 2013 year has brought us plenty of amazing times, and now it's time to separate the best from the rest. The nominations for this year have been announced, and now it's to up to you, the users, to decide who comes out on top! We've got several categories, including Best Story, Best Setting, and Game of the Year!

    This year, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been nominated for Best Fantasy Game of 2013! It's time to let the power of your vote be heard!

    Visit the Community Choice Awards Blog to vote! Be sure to vote in each category, click through them by hitting "Next" under each section! Some of these categories are not live yet, so be sure to check back December 23rd to vote in Round 2 of the Gaming Categories!

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  • Mckrongs

    Link provided by User:Kogath

    モンスターハンター4 in ナンジャタウン (Monster Hunter 4 in Namja Town)

    Monster Hunter 4 will be in a collaboration with Namco in Namco Namja Town. The event lasts from November 23, 2013 up to January 31, 2014

    There will be a lot of Monster Hunter-themed attractions and goodies in there. Photo booths are also present in the event.

    For instance, check out all these Monster Hunter themed food:

    There are also Mini Attractions that rewards contestants with these neat original MonHun charms:

    Limited Edition Merchandise and Items that are only available for purchase during this Event.

    Attendees of the Event will also be able to net a Limited Edition Felyne Comrade for use in Monster Hunter 4 for free. Its name is ナジャヴ (Najavu).

    What is Namco Namja Town? Here's an article from Wikipedia:

    Namco Namja Town is an indoor theme park in the Sunshine City shopping complex in east Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan. The park was opened in 1996 by Namco, a Japanese company best known for producing …

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  • Mckrongs

    Hey Hunters, Mckrongs here!

    If our Users and Visitors alike have been following the Monster Hunter Wikia this past month, I was wondering if they can remember our previous discussions regarding our collaboration with the Monster Hunter communities on Facebook? (Found on Threads 214618, 215882, 217752, 217753 and 219438)

    Well, this just happened:

    This is the front page of Capcom-Unity, one of Capcom's Official Websites. You know that you've done something right when a great collaboration you participated in makes it to the front page of an official site. Capcom-Unity has made a Blog Post about our big project on the Official Capcom Blog. This took some ups and downs to get there, and while it has little to no effect on internal decisions for the series it gives us that great feeling of accomplishment to have a shot at inspiring Hunters all around the world to a greater extent outside the reaches of the Wiki and on Facebook.

    This would have not been possible if it not for the participation o…

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  • Mckrongs

    Originally from Siliconera at:

    Not to be confused with the Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL, Capcom will also release a baby blue Monster Hunter 4 3DS.
    The Monster Hunter 4 Hunter Pack includes the limited edition handheld, a 4GB SDHC card, and a downloadable version of Monster Hunter 4 for 19,800 yen ($200). The bundle will be available in Japan on November 7.
    Monster Hunter 4 broke through Capcom’s expectations and moved over three million copies. I wonder how much these hardware bundles contributed to Monster Hunter 4′s sales.

    What do you guys think? Comment below. :)

    • Siliconera Article
    • Official Nintendo Magazine UK Article
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  • Mckrongs

    Originally from Siliconera at

    Capcom have come out with a strongly worded notice for players on their official website, warning them not to tamper with Monster Hunter 4’s game save data. They warn that doing so could possibly brick the entire game itself, rendering the copy unusable.

    While we don’t know the full extent of the hack’s capabilities, game blog Hachima does have a video that shows off some of what the hack offers—including a non-stop rotating weapons icon set among other hints that all is not quite right with this video. The ending of the video is kinda like the Hitler meme that makes its rounds, overlaying an actual movie scene with its own comments below it basically expressing gamer’s anger at the hack.

    It seems some hackers have broken into the game’s underlying systems, giving themselves either ultra-rare and otherwise impossible-to-obtain weapons and armor or changing up what sor…

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  • Lord Loss

    - XBOX360 = }}

    |Release Dates = Japan - July 10, 2013
    North America - N/A
    Europe - N/A
    Australia - N/A

    |Systems = PC, Xbox 360 |Official Websites = |Flagship Monsters = Lolo Gougarf, Ray Gougarf |Generation = Frontier |Monsters = Anorupatisu, Giaorugu, Lolo Gougarf, Mi Ru,
    Ray Gougarf, Disufiroa, Rebidiora |Weapons = Sword and Shield, Dual Sword, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow }}

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  • Pseudobread

    Hey there Monster Hunters!

    We have an opportunity for a UK based MH community member to help Nintendo with their upcoming Unleashed tour in London on May 24-26. The event will take place at the Excel Centre, and entails working at a booth where you will be inviting people who brought their 3DS & MH3U to play with you on Wii U. Ideally, you already own the game on the Wii U and are an expert player. You'll also help answer questions about the game that people may have, so you should be comfortable sharing your expertise with others.

    This is a paid opportunity, so you will have to be 18 or over, but if you're available/interested, please let me know ASAP and I can provide you with additional details. 


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  • Pink Fatalis

    "Card Master" Scans

    October 3, 2012 by Pink Fatalis

    I recently purchased the Monster Hunter "Card Master" art book, and have uploaded some scans below. I will upload one image of each 3rd Generation monster over the next few days (as well as update this blog with a bit more information). There are three main sections: Hunters, Felyne Comrades and Monsters. Click on images to expand them.

    This should answer most questions. And yes, it is only available in Japan.
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  • Lord Loss

    Please read Frontier: Frequently Asked Questions first before asking anything about the release of Monster Hunter Frontier.

    Welcome to the Forward 5 Discussion Blog.

    Help us out with filling up new content and information by posting below!

    Preview Site:

    • Odibatorasu is a new monster introduced to Forward 5.

    Comments, suggestions, and content (any information users can add) can be posted below!


    • Melusin - for some of the Images
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  • Lord Loss

    In Japan, Capcom had confirmed Monster Hunter Frontier G. This title will contain 10 New Monsters, 21 current Monsters becoming available at G-Rank, 3 New Areas, over 150 G Class Weapons, over 150 New G Class Armors, 30 New Skills, 4 new elements and new actions for 11 weapon types.

    The game will arrive for PC and Xbox 360 on 17th April 2013 as seen on the official website.

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  • Mckrongs

    Please read Frontier: Frequently Asked Questions first before asking anything about the release of Monster Hunter Frontier.

    Welcome to the Forward 4 Discussion Blog.

    Help us out with filling up new content and information by posting below!

    Preview Site:

    • Kuarusepusu is a new monster introduced to Forward .4.

    Comments, suggestions, and content (any information users can add) can be posted below!


    • Shizuka - for some of the Images
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  • Mckrongs

    Hey guys! Just a cool find by one of our Users, User:GreenAiden555 (My thanks). For all the figurine-loving Monster Hunter fans, check this out!

    At the Winter Wonder Festival 2012, Kaiyodo, a Japanese company known for making extremely detailed figurines and garage kits features their Revoltech figurines of Monster Hunter series characters Rathalos and its male version of the Blademaster Armor Set in the third generation of the series. Here's some of the Images below of the figures:

    Winter Wonder Festival 2012 was held at Makuhari Messe convention center in Japan last Sunday, February 12. The Festival is a bi-annual event that displays and sells extremely detail-oriented sculptures that replicate anime, game characters, and popular mecha or sci-fi characters and creatures.

    Neat huh? Comments? Post below!

    • (may contain NSFW content)
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  • Mckrongs

    Originally found on User:RedRazzlo's blog post (thank you, User), it seems that UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has covered an article on their magazine about Monster Hunter 3 G for the Nintendo 3DS.

    The article tells about some features present in the game. The article also featured some of the weapon types and how they work in the game.

    Remember how they put "ETA Autumn 2012" the last time? Well it seems that they have changed it to "ETA Summer 2012".

    Like the previous time, this does not confirm things for an English localization of the game.

    Comments? Post below!

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  • Pink Fatalis

    Main Article: Monster Ecology Book

    I recently recieved the MH3G Ecology Books for Barioth and Ivory Lagiacrus. The books are very similar to the Portable 3rd Ecology books for Zinogre, Brute Tigrex, Duramboros and Green Nargacuga. Anyway, now for the scans:


    The books can be bought from here:

    • Barioth
    • Ivory Lagiacrus
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  • Mckrongs

    Hello there! Mckrongs here. Today I got three news in relation to the Monster Hunter series. Someone stab me and add a "YOU'RE LATE" paper on my head, but atleast I still posted the news. .-.

    As most have known last January 4th, reviewed Monster Hunter 3 G, along with the Slide Pad Extension, known in the Western shores as "The Circle Pad Pro". Asides from praises on the game's graphics and camera controls, they have focused on alternatives to the popular "Clawing Technique used in the past PSP versions of the Monster Hunter series.

    The review can be found here.

    A few weeks back, Capcom released another set of Avatars for the Monster Hunter fans' PSN. These avatars include Rajang, Daimyo Hermitaur, Rathian and Khezu's Monster Icons, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, Hammer,Lance and Light Bowgun Weapon Icons, and the Barrel Bomb Icon. Playstation Plus Members can buy the whole bundle for $0.99 cents, and regular members can buy one of each for $0.49 cents.

    See Capcom-Unity's Thread for more…

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  • Mckrongs

    For the Monster Hunter Frontier fans, did you know that subscription for Monster Hunter Frontier is currently free? For the upcoming Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.3, playing Frontier is absolutely free of charge from January 11th till January 25th. All you need to do is to install Frontier and register for the game.

    Your chance to play Frontier for two weeks? Haven't tried Frontier yet? Want to experience hunting some of the epic monsters like Rukodiora and Gogomoa? Play Monster Hunter Frontier now!

    • Information Link:
    • For Frontier-related Guides and an active English Frontier community, see Minegarde Forums' Frontier Subforum.

    Oh and, since it's been a year since I last saw this person in the game...

    [[Image:SweetPinkGuildperson.png|thumb|center|600px|Now to spend some quality time with my sugar...

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  • Mckrongs

    Please read Frontier: Frequently Asked Questions first before asking anything about the release of Monster Hunter Frontier.

    Here we go again! Frontier gets an update on February. Welcome to the Forward 3 Discussion Blog.

    Help us out with filling up new content and information by posting below!

    Preview Site:

    • Abiorugu is a new monster introduced to Forward .3. This monster is the first and only Brute Wyvern in Monster Hunter Frontier as of yet.

    This monster was slowly revealed in an early teaser image.

    Comments, suggestions, and content (any information users can add) can be posted below!


    • Shizuka - for some of the information and Images
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  • Mckrongs
    Read more >
  • Mckrongs
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  • Mckrongs

    In behalf of the whole Monster Hunter Wiki Staff Team, we wish every MH Wikians and Monster Hunter Fans around the world a Merry Christmas!

    To celebrate this holiday eve (atleast where I'm at, it's evening =w=), User:Mckrongs has changed the Wiki-wordmark and the background to fit with the Holiday Season (and it's orange, so I think User:GeneStarwind would like the holiday background >u>).

    Capcom also released free Felyne comrade Wallpapers for every MH fan to have! (It's where the background came from too). Each wallpaper comes in different downloadable sizes.

    We also have Gene and User:Lord Loss hosting this holiday's MAD Christmas Event, so don't dare miss out on the fun!

    Again, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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  • Mckrongs

    As the year 2011 ends, Wikia holds a contest for The Best Wiki of 2011. And so there's a Top ten list for most of the Wikis competing for this title.

    Two of the administrators in our team, Lord Loss and Artemis Paradox, went ahead and added our wiki as one of the competitors. With User:Bennyboards informing me of the matter, I decided to announce it to this Wiki.

    Currently, our wiki is at #8 with 386 votes. The highest rank our Wiki attained was at #4. Can we aim high enough to get into the top spot?

    Here's where you guys come in. You can help us get there by voting for our Wiki, The Monster Hunter Wiki, as one of the Best Wikis of this year.

    You can find our entry by doing a search (ctrl + f, then typing "Monster Hunter Wiki"), then clicking the vote button.

    Click here to vote!

    Happy holidays guys, by the way.

    Comments? Opinions? Post below!

    A little p.s. guys: Let's atleast, beat the Twilight Saga Wiki... christ, can you stomach being beaten by Twilight? Lmfao..

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  • Mckrongs

    News Archives

    December 22, 2011 by Mckrongs

    With the implementation of the [[w:c:help:Help:Blog article/Bloglist|]] function at the Monster Hunter Wikia, I shall post the archives on this blog post for everyone to see.

    From now onwards, news and updates to the Wiki are handled in Blog posts.

    Monster Hunter 3 G is released in Japan! Stay tuned for all incoming information on the game.
    Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.3, the next update to Monster Hunter Frontier.
    More Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Avatars for the PSN.
    Blog and Blog Comments
    Let us hear your opinions about this matter.
    Monster Hunter 4's concept video last September was actually footage of gameplay from the game.
    See the discussion blog for info.
    Capcom has released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 G.
    More scans revealed! Information about Stygian Zinogre, another subspecies introduced to the game, and two returning collaboration quests for MH3G.
    Japan gets a new MH Mobile game.
    A Capcom official …

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  • Mckrongs

    So we all know already about the upcoming Monster Hunter 4. It was announced for the Nintendo 3DS, and so far only the Nintendo 3DS. This game also starts the fourth generation of Monster Hunter games and the first to be on a handheld console (Monster Hunter 1 and Monster Hunter 2 was on the Playstation 2, whilst MH3 was on the Wii).

    Other Sources==
    • Yian Kut-Ku confirmed to return, along with Gypceros, Congalala and Gendrome.
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  • Mckrongs

    In this next blog section, we're here to tell news about the upcoming game Monster Hunter 3 G. Famitsu magazine has again released a section regarding the latest information in MH3G.

    These vehicles have been touring across Japan for quite some time now, hosting MH-related events. They are currently hosting tournaments that includes two monsters recently introduced in Monster Hunter 3 G. These are:

    The render for the guy looks monstrous.. for discussion and more information about Stygian Zinogre, check out User blog:Mckrongs/Stygian Zinogre Discussion.

    The other monster is a familiar face in the Monster Hunter series. What would a returning monster be without his subspecies counterpart?

    That would be...

    Yes, Green Plesioth has returned to the game as well. Noted for having almost no difference from Plesioth since the older generations of Monster Hunter games, what could they possibly do to make him different from the already-revamped Plesioth in MH3G? Hope he doesn't turn out like Black Dia…

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  • Mckrongs

    Monster Hunter gets another mobile game! Unfortunately, the game is exclusive to Japan. It is a social game wherein you get to raise your own monster and battle it out with other players' monsters. More information by clicking the logo below!

    Monster Hunter: Phantom Island Voyage

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  • GeneStarwind
    A localization statement from a Capcom Official in regards to MH3G and MH4.
    Read more >
  • Mckrongs

    Hey guys! There are new scans of Famitsu Magazine featuring the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 G! Now what do these scans contain..?

    The first two scans features Rust Duramboros. Discussions about this monster are to be done here.

    The first two pages also feature changes in Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun in the game:

    • Instead of the back hopping and side-hopping in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Light Bowguns can choose to either evade in this game the same way in MHP3rd or by rolling again. It is unknown whether Heavy Bowguns are also affected by this change.
    • WyvernFire Shots (竜撃弾) are returning to this game.
    • For Light Bowguns, reload state is maintained even when changing to another bullet type. The same effect activated by the Autoreload skill.

    More abilities for the two weapons are listed in the scan.

    The next three scans feature our Shakalala comrades Cha-Cha and Kayanba. The fourth scan features Cha-Cha's masks which were present in Monster Hunter 3. The fifth scan shows Kayanba's masks; one ma…

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  • Mckrongs

    Rumors from MH communities are circling around the net that the game Monster Hunter 3 G is getting a localization for Europe in Autumn 2012..

    To make things interesting, one of our users have provided us a scan of this page from the UK Official Nintendo Magazine:

    My apologies, English is not my first language. Read more >
  • Mckrongs

    The thread in Capcom-Unity can be found here.

    From Tifa and Gondor at Capcom-Unity:

    MHAG is a FREE armor toolkit for the video game series Monster Hunter, featuring a desktop version (MHAG Desktop) and an online version (MHAG Online).

    1. Manually build armor sets with the built-in calculator
    2. Use the generator to search armor sets automatically within seconds
    3. Use the viewer to manage, browse and export armor sets
    4. The three components can interact with each other

    1. Works on ANY device that connects to internet
    2. Features the same calculator as MHAG Desktop
    3. Use the online database to share and search mixed sets

    1. Share same data and core functions
    2. Easily access MHAG Online from MHAG Desktop

    1. Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)
    2. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP/PS3)
    3. (future) Monster Hunter Tri G (3DS)*
    4. (future) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)**


    If any user can provide MHFU data

    1. Any PC (WinXP or later, MacOS and Linux)
    2. JAVA 6 (JRE 1.6) or later
    3. Screen resolution: 1024x768 (minimum), 1280x720 or above (re…

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  • Plexioth- xD

    Monster Hunter on 3DS?!!!!

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a sequel to the Wii title Monster Hunter 3, and is the localized version of Monster Hunter 3 G on the 3DS. MH3U was announced at this year's Nintendo Direct conference for the 3DS and Wii U, with the Wii U having updated graphics. The game as been confirmed to arrive by Capcom's Dubindoh from Capcom-Unity. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe during March 2013.

    Capcom will be providing more information as the release date draws near.


    • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is known as Monster Hunter 3G in Japan.
      • The Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is known as Monster Hunter 3G HDver.
    • The underwater features that were not present in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will again return in this game, with a different control scheme.
    • The 3DS and Wii U versions are able to connect and play together.
      • Savegames can be shared between the two versions.
      • The Wii U will support online play, but there has been…

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  • Mckrongs

    Please read Frontier: Frequently Asked Questions first before asking anything about the release of Monster Hunter Frontier.

    Should we change the titles to decimals? Like .1, .2? I don't know...

    Anyways, new preview site is up. This only shows though the new monster, and that basic rasta guy pointing...

    Preview Site:

    A flying wyvern-like creature is available to hunters as their comrades, helping the players attack monsters. They appear to be highly customizable.

    Comments, suggestions, and content can be posted below!


    • Bnaha - for the Darkstalkers info
    • User:Lord Loss - for the Preview Site Link
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  • Lord Loss

    Finally, a Monster Hunter game comes to the PS3!
    However, before you all get really excited, it is just a port of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Having said that, it'll be in HD/3D, you can port your save data over... and presumably it means that the G version will turn up on the PS3 too.

    Of course, there's no word on localisation yet... but it's a possibility, right?


    UPDATE: According to Kotaku, any PS3 port games will NOT feature Trophy support. Make of that what you will.

    UPDATE 2:
    Quite nice box art.

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  • Lord Loss
    No, seriously.

    So, what do you think? Great? Terrible? Bizarre?

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  • Mckrongs

    I'm sorry, but we just found about it now. It was announced last February 10 of 2011..

    Yep, it happens too, like our US equivalents. After at least 7 Years of service, certain servers of Japanese Capcom games are shutting down at the 30th of June 2011.
    The following games will have their servers shut down at the designated time:

    • US-tuned Automoderisuta
    • Resident Evil Outbreak
    • Resident Evil Outbreak - FILE2
    • Monster Hunter
    • Monster Hunter G (PS2)
    • Monster Hunter 2 (dos)

    See for information.

    Monster Hunter Frontier (ofcourse), Monster Hunter G's Wii version, and Japanese Monster Hunter 3 would still be up though. Portable versions of Monster Hunter games have no need for servers, as they are Ad-Hoc, so obviously they would still be up.

    So to anyone still playing the Japanese equivalents of Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter G, and Monster Hunter 2, play online while it still lasts.

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  • Pink Fatalis

    Ecology Book Scans

    March 30, 2011 by Pink Fatalis

    Main Article: Monster Ecology Book

    As you may be aware, Capcom have recently released Ecology Books for four of the monsters in Portable 3rd; Zinogre, Brute Tigrex, Duramboros and Green Nargacuga. These books, as the name implies, have an ecological summary of the monster. They also each have a figurine of the monster, and parts of an Amatsumagatsuchi figurine, which can be completed if all the books are bought.
    I will get to translating the text eventually, but for now I'll just upload some of my scans. Unfortunately, my scanner isn't large enough to handle the double-page images (as you can probably tell by that fourth Zinogre picture), but I'll try to get a photo of them soon.

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  • Mckrongs
    Please read Frontier: Frequently Asked Questions first before asking anything about the release of Monster Hunter Frontier.

    Hm, from A Wikia Contributor (who was actually User:PicantePants), we have received a link for Monster Hunter Frontier's latest update: Season Forward 1, which was announced weeks ago.

    • The flagship monster for Season Forward 1 is a new Elder Dragon called Rukodiora.

    Forward 1 was now released.
    Sections for HC Kushala Daora, Red Khezu, and Breeding Season Hypnocatrice Released.
    Weapons section released. Weapon Image renders in this blog post coming soon.
    Unknown section of the preview website released.
    More information about Interceptor's Base.
    More Information about Mezeporuta square
    New Move Video for Rukodiora
    Images for Violent Raviente
    HC Monsters Kamu Orugaron, Nono Orugaron and Pink Rathian Videos released
    New Armor sets introduced, including Rukodiora's.
    More information about Duck
    Armor Stat…

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