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This article shall list all official Monster Hunter Mobile minigames. All of the games are exclusive to Japan.

Monster Hunter i

Main Article: Monster Hunter i

Monster Hunter: Phantom Island Voyage

Main Article: Monster Hunter: Phantom Island Voyage

Monster Hunter Frontier: エッグラン New

Monster Hunter Frontier: Egg Run (エッグラン) is a mobile minigame of Monster Hunter Frontier released for the iPhone and the Android phones. Details about the game are unclear.

Official website:

モンハン うちあげ! 虫とりハンマー

MH Cellphone 01

For DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank for ¥ 315. This game features Felynes in various armors, and a Huntress in Yukumo Armor. This also seems to replicate the Bug Tree System used in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Players use a hammer on a seesaw to launch the Felynes up a tall tree. The Felynes then use Bugnets to catch bugs up above.

When the Felynes come back from above with their captured bug, players can sell the insects for better hammers to launch their Felynes to higher heights. The higher the player launches, the more insects they can acquire.[1]


MH Cellphone 02

For DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank for ¥ 315. This game features MH Diary-style monsters.

見知らぬ場所で迷子になってしまったアイルー。 虫メガネを使って、帰り道の手掛かりや隠れているアイテムを見つけ出そう! 時には見つけたアイテムでモンスターを撃退して道を切り開き、仲間の待つ村へ帰ろう!

Airou is lost, check, find, and inspired!

Airou became lost in a strange place. Using a magnifying glass, trying to figure out clues and hidden items that way back! Opens up the way to go home village to fight off the monsters with items found at times, wait for the fellow!


MH Cellphone 03

For DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank for ¥ 315.


MH Cellphone 04

For DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank for ¥ 315. This game is an MH-stylized Reversi, featuring Felyne characters.

モンハン ぽかぽかザザミたたき!

MH Cellphone 05

For DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank for ¥ 315. The game's goal is to whack the Hermitaur by hitting it with the corresponding number on the mobile phone.

Minna to MonHun Card Master

Minna to MonHun Card Master (みんなと モンハン カードマスター) is a card game.

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