Each Monster Hunter game has a special intro cinematic whose purpose is to dramatize the daily lives of both the various village hunters and the monsters they set out to hunt. These intros realistically portray many in-game elements such as setting traps or crafting armor. In some instances, they also help to flesh out some of the natural goings on and demonstrate how monsters coexist with each other in a realistic manner. Some Monster Hunter titles also include an intro (cinematic or otherwise) to the game's village, and an end cinematic once a final boss monster has been defeated.

Monster Hunter intro

In a vast, grassy plain not really resembling any of the in-game areas, a herd of Aptonoth travel to a river bank along with a small herd of Kelbi to rest and refresh.

Near the riverside, hiding in the bushes, a pair of Velociprey stalks the herd until some of the creatures sense their presence and both Aptonoth and Kelbi flee into the open field. The two Velociprey rush forth and give chase to a mother Aptonoth and its calf. The Mother stops to fend off the predators but they manage to get past her, and continue to pursue the calf until they manage to bring it down. The mother hurries to the scene, but slows to a disappointed stop once she realizes the Velociprey have already claimed their prize.

Their victory is short lived, however, as a Rathalos launches a surprise ambush from the sky, and, being far too much for the Velociprey, quickly shoos them away. It hastily grabs hold of the dead Aptonoth calf and takes off into the sky. It flies into a secluded valley, covered by an overcast sky, and prepares to enjoy its stolen meal. Nearby, we are introduced to a hunting party of three. The newfound fire wyvern soon becomes something of a target to the trio. One of the hunters signals to the other two to spring a trap on the beast. The pair charge head on, landing an unsuccessful hit to the wyvern's left wing. Rathalos takes notice and unleashes a deafening roar to the intruders and gives chase. Both hunters, realizing their attack on the beast was a lost cause, run for their lives and head straight to their bowgun-wielding companion as he readies his weapon and prepares to attack. The chase concludes as both the hunters and the Rathalos itself lunge over the rocky outcropping, just as the gunner unleashes a blast from his bowgun directly into the camera. As the flames dissipate, the game's title appears on-screen against a red backdrop.


End Credit

On a cloudless night, a hunter sits on the windowsill watching the night sky. we get a view of the tavern, and Guild ladies are busy serving beers and steaks to many customers and hunters. One male hunter looks through the Guild board notifications and picks one request and gives the list to one of the Guild ladies. The hunter calls two other hunters (a male gunner wearing Velociprey armor and a female Blademaster). They start towards the door and begin their unknown quest into the night.

Monster Hunter G Intro

Watching the view of the Old Jungle's waterfalls, the scene view a clad male hunter awaken from his slumber and play with his Poogie. In the Tavern, a female Rathian armor gunner polishes her gun, restock her ammo, dressing up and left the bar to the populated community. Seeing villager life and soldiers cleans the cannons. In an unknown room, an Elderly short wyverian creating a Bone Sword through chemical bath and mold it into a blade while another Wyverian smelt an iron and create a Ravager Blade with a Felyne assisting the hammering, while another grind a claw for the Ravager spike tips. A hunter test a bone dual sword on the hide cloth with flying colors. The finish Ravager Blade move out by crane, the view switch to a hunter dressing up in his Rathalos armor, stocking his equipment and glance his new Ravager Blade. The Female Gunner waits by his Door front to join him on his Quest to the Bright outside world and all when white till a Azure Rathalos flew out and fire his Breath signing : Monster Hunter G.

End Credit

Similar to Monster Hunter 1 Ending.

Monster Hunter 2 Dos Intro

View from the telescope of an short elderly Wyverian operating his Portable Flying Balloon Library on the Snowy Mountains . The View switches to a "Kirin" Carcass (probably a Kelbi ) which witnessed by 3 Hunters (a GS, Hammer and Heavy Bowgun) viewing the surroundings with weapons at the ready. The GS hunter feels the ground shake and is launched as he is Surprise attacked by a Blangonga. As it attempts to deliver a blow, the Blangonga is blindsided by a round from the Gunner, reloading for a second shot. The Blangonga dodges it and charges towards the Gunner. The GS recovers his weapons and the Hammer hunter dashes after the Blangonga. The Gunner`s weapon jammed mid-reload as the Blangonga approaches, leaping from an attack, and rolling from another. The Gunner flees the scene, losing his weapons in the process and the chase continues as the Beast is gaining on the Gunner. He's saved by the GS hunter, who blocks an attack from the Blangonga, and is followed up with the hammer hunter taking on the beast's right ribs. The GS hunter goes in for an attack, but is blade is caught by the Blangonga.

Back to the old Wyverian tying a message on a hawk and sending it to the nearby town, he witnesses an unknown flying beast flying through the air, his face in horror. The 3 Hunters even the Blangonga look up above, and the blast of an attack from the beast blows off from their feet; The beast flies over from them.

Meanwhile the bird finally reached its destination to another old Wyverian, who reads the message. He analyzes his map with the help of a tall, pink dressed female Wyverian.

Viewing on a dense raining Jungle, a new Hunting horn hunter run in fear and guide his 3 new companions(a Gunlance, Long sword and Bow) through the jungles from a same unknown beast as it plows through the jungle with ease, then it jump/fly over them. The beast return facing the hunter as they catches their breath now in full view of the beast, Kushala Daora . The atmosphere changes with strong wind with some hunters shielding themselves and it suddenly the storm dies out. Letting the 4 Hunters to ready the beast with all weapons drawn and the bow gunner take the first killshot, the Kushala Daora exchange with a wind blast viewing the Title: Monster Hunter 2 -dos.

Continuing the scene in the top of the Tower with flocks of Remobras, some repelled by an another new beast as it phase on revealing itself " Lunastra ".

End Credit

A birds-eye view on the Jumbo Village, a clad Poogie with four tiny young ones avoid being trampled by a cart as it travel into the village center. The crane operator move a Tranqed Rathian as it twitches scared 2 other people nearby. viewing the Village shops and children's playing wooden swords and shield, the Blacksmith and her apprentice creating a Hero of Kokoto Replica sword and send it to the Jumbo Village chief in the open bar with praise.

The day view to Night, the Villagers celebrate, a hunter challenges the Crane operator on another arm wrestling and loses. Few feet from the bar a Melynx got drunk as it take a last drink and drop along with few other drunken miners nearby.

After the post Credit, the Jumbo Village Chief travel on to a desert. A flashback scene of him in his village as the Bargirl provide him a Ration Drink and the Pink dress Wyverian provide a New Hero Sword as the Chief gives farewell as he departs.

Back in the Clear Desert, the Chief continue hiking on, witnessing a large skeleton remains, passing some traveling Merchants giving directions and gives campfire stories to some Melynx tribe in the night. He reach the Jungle area in exhaustion and got surprised by a Pink Rathian flew by, he regains confidence and pursue the Wyvern to the clearing. After pasting the open light, he saw an open valley far to the mountains. He stab the new hero sword on the flat rock and cheer with pride. Many travelers soon follows and developed this clear land into an new unnamed village. This village soon became known as Kokoto.

Monster Hunter 3 Tri Intro

Underwater, a school of Ludroth swims quietly along the ocean. All is quiet until an Aptonoth drops in and it starts a feeding frenzy. On the surface at the cliff face, an Aptonoth herd is stampeding at the edge of the cliff with a new creature, the cJaggi in pursuit. One Jaggi falls to the Ludroth frenzy below. The Feeding Frenzy disperses at the sudden arrival of a new beast into the scene.

Back on the surface, the lead Aptonoth is now being pursued by a Great Jaggi as it attempt to take the lead. However, the Rathalos pounces on them leaving an Aptonoth pile up. The Fire Wyvern guards its prize meal from the Jaggi and the Alpha-male. The remaining Aptonoth flee the fierce competition until a Third Party emerge from the cliff edge, Lagiacrus . The Jaggis retreat on the sight of the Leviathan and both the fire and the sea Wyvern exchange roars for the carcass. As the Lagiacrus attempts an attack, the Rathalos outsmarts it's rival by jumping over him and flying off with its meal as the Leviathan return to the sea. The sky Wyvern flies to the open pastures of the surviving Aptonoth herd and up the mountains to the bright horizon where he is watched by four hunters.

MH3 Plot Story

A large Ship sailing towards the port called Moga Village. At the foot hill, the Chief's son delivering three large monster bones to his village meeting his father ( Village Chief) and the village kids fishing. The Chief's son finally delivers the large bones and quality check by the Guild Sweetheart. Another male villager delivers a Sharq and the Chief's Son amazed on that catch, He climbs to higher Ground and watch his Port Village from a far as everyone supports and greets one another.

The Fishmongress in her daily Fish skewing greeted by the Guild Sweetheart and the Wyverian Artisan prepare the bones for work as well as the Head Farmer check his crops. The Chief's Son arrive to the farm and deliver some fishes to the Head Farmer and trade it for a bundle of crops they harvest.

Suddenly, the Chief's son feels an earthquake and so does the villages, love one cradle in panic until the quake subsided. Most of the villages gather in concerns about the quake, then an eye view Hunter walks through the crowds and meet the Chief and his son welcoming the hunter for job service.

End Credit

Ceadeus is seen rising from the ocean, with its right horn missing, and lets out a cry of defeat. The next shot shows Cha Cha Up on a hill on the Deserted Island, overseeing the village, and Ceadeus is seen plunging deep into the ocean once again. Cha Cha looks back at "The Hunter" and nods, then proceeds to head toward the village. Cha Cha and "The Hunter" enter the village and are welcomed by all villagers, young and old, congratulated and thanked for repelling the mighty Ceadeus. "The Hunter" walks up to the Village Chief and his Son, who show how grateful they are. Cha Cha is then seen dancing with the Village Children, who are very amused by the sight. The Camera fades to Nighttime, and the villagers are having a Celebration Party, with Cha Cha dancing with everyone. The Village is then seen from above, in a Birds' Eye view, and fades into the night.

Monster Hunter Freedom Intro

Note: The entire Intro of this game is base on random clips of Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter G together with some the Monster ecology video into one Intro.

End Credit

Similar to Monster Hunter 1 Ending.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Intro

At the Pokke Village, a hunter wearing Mafumofu armor began leaving his home but interrupted by a falling snow from his roof by a local snow shoveler, given his apology to the hunter and watches the village from the roof top. The hunter strolling pass villagers and a child attempting to tame a Popo and shops not noticing somebody`s Felyne Kitchen caught fire from an oven and a single Felyne. The Hunter meets the Village Elder and guides him to the Snowy Mountains. The other 2 hunters saw the Mafumofu hunter and they called the Mafumofu hunter as the Mafumofu hunter continues to the mountains.

Later in the ice covered cave, the Hunter runs for his life carrying a Quarte Ore as he catches his breath, a large beast burst from the wall and scares the hunter as he drop his Ore to pieces. He runs and the beast gives chase through the dark tunnel. The Hunter setup a Flash Bomb, blinding the Beast and he runs toward a snow covered exit. Landed on the outside snow slope, aware the beast is close by. Nearby the snowbank the two hunters noticed his trouble and come to assist him. The beast now revealed "Tigrex" arrived falling straight down at him, the Bow Gunner immediately take a shot, missed the beast by the shoulder and it lands violently. The 3 Hunters have all Weapons draw and ready to take the Tigrex down and it give a claw swipe, signing the title logo: Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

MHF 2 Plot Story

In the Snowy Mountain Night, A Hunter stalks around in the Blizzard mountain top he witness corpse of Popos laying around. From out of sudden the Beast arrive and reveal to be Tigrex, the Hunter in fear attack the beast but to be swiped by the beast sending the Hunter plummet off the edge, leaving the Tigrex to wander off. The fallen hunter was rescued by the villagers of Pokke village off screen.

End Credit

After the post credit, the male and female Mafumofu armor waved to the Forth Wall player along with other notice characters outside between the elder fireplace and the outside entrance.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite / 2G Intro

In the Great Forest on a sunny day it shows the inside of a tent, with some pieces of armor lying on a table. The camera then goes outside and shows the Hunter nailing down the tent with a hammer while his Felyne companion carries supplies over. Then it shows his pet Aptonoth eating grass. He then stands up and wipes his forehead. The scene changes to when he is wearing his previous armor and starts chipping ore with a pickaxe finding a jewel within. He then goes to Pokke village where he gives the jewel to a Wyverian Artisan. One artisan pours hot liquid in a large pot for the armor while the elder Wyverian Artisan who measure`s the hunter. A scene then shows the hunter carrying a map and walking with an Aptonoth. He then looks to see more hunter`s rolling a dead Rathalos through the jungle. The scene then go`s back to Pokke Village where the Artisan`s are measuring the Rathalos parts. The scene then goes back to the jungle where the hunter and to other hunter`s are running from something. They then get out of the trees and move to the open. As they all catch their breath, a Rathian bursts from the tree. The hunter runs from it and the Rathian falls in a pitfall trap. The Bowgun hunter immediately tranquilizes it. The scene goes back to Pokke village again where the Artisans are finished with the Rathian armor and place it on a mannequin and as one of the Artisan`s places the helmet on the mannequin the scene changes to the hunter placing the helmet on and the hunter and his Felyne companion stand looking on the edge of a cliff view of the great forest. The camera then goes down into the great forest and stops at a dark part. Then Nargacuga bursts out in rage mode runs past the camera and the trail from its red eyes spells Monster Hunter Portable 2nd-G.

MHF Unite / 2G Plot Story

Simliar to the Monster hunter Freedom 2 Plot Story.

End Credit

NOTE: The Ending is reused from the Intro of Monster hunter freedom 2 with many changes and adding Trenya in most of the scene, view him as a hunter`s Feylne comrade.

1. The "CAPCOM present" written in finger drawn has a Felyne footprints next to it.

2. Trenya walk past the hunter as he ready his backpack.

3. The Village Elder scene now replace into seeing Trenya on his Boat to another request adventure.

4. The rest of the scene, Trenya becomes a comrade. He took a chunk of the Quartz ore the hunter dropped.

5. Trenya falls, losing the small ore and it roll off as he give chase before during the Tigrex`s fully arrival.

6. Finally, the title logo the "2" is half covered by a green PawStamp sign "Unite" . ends with a Meow sound.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Intro

Passing the Thundering clouds, a forest valley with the view of a late afternoon sun, A male hunter Setting up his Well-Done Steak and witness a wyvern flying over the forest. His Felyne comrade searches the ground, a honey hive on the thin tress set its interest. it quickly grab a fallen chunk of it and store it while licking his honey covered paw, unknowing that an Arzuros spot it and approach with great aggression, knocking the comrade off its feet along with the whole hive nest. The Felyne recover carrying off the hive and the hunter approach the beast with his long sword. The male hunter hold his ground against the onslaught of Arzuros's attack until his Felyne comrade throw a small barrel bomb, sending the beast off its feet, the male hunter mark the beast with a Paint bomb and resume the battle.

Somewhere nearby the fight, another Felyne plucking a bamboo shoot notice the paint scent and call its master (a Female Gunner) to the scene. The battle of Arzuros and the hunter continues with the beast has the upper hand, the male Blademaster backs up after an attack with a chipped on his helmet. The Female Gunner arrive ready her Heavy Bowgun and aim on Arzuros's front leg, drop the beast off balance again.

The Female gunner call her comrade to set the Shock Trap, it dashes off setting the trap as it escape from the Aoshira's wrath, steps on the trap then the gunner throw 2 round of Tranq bullet sending the beast to slumber and both hunters have a victorious capture.

Seeing the Sunset on the Yukumo village, as the residents and hunters in the village market follow the view of the village top, Hunters relax in the spa with a cup of drink, Another hunter in the Spa called by his partners and immediate off the pool only to be drizzled by his quick drying comrade.

Back in the forest now night set, both the hunter and the female gunner strolling along with the Gargwa cart with their prize catch (Arzuros) his Comrade follows and the honey with it. they seem to notice the Flashbugs and Thunderbug are swarming around which one shock the gunner's comrade. A large beast lights the forest with swarming bugs and confront the hunters in view "the Zinogre" it roars with light of sparks and the hunters ready their weapons and fire the beast follow by the slash, sign the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd which the title sparks.

MHP3rd Plot Story

In the road to the Yukumo Village, "The Hunter" is walking alongside the road and a Felyne riding in a Gargwa cart saw "The Hunter" and gave him/her a ride. When the cart had accelerated, rain falls down from the sky and "The Hunter" then saw a mysterious Elder Dragon with red thunders around it whose name is Amatsumagatsuchi and the Thunder Wolf, Zinogre that made the Gargwa flinch. "The Hunter" fell from the cart and he/she stared at the Thunder Wolf but Zinogre tail-swiped "The Hunter" causing him to fall directly to the cart and he/she stared at the 2 monsters.

Finally "The Hunter" arrived at the village and he/she said goodbye to the Felyne and Gargwa. After saying goodbye, "The Hunter" walked in the village and the village is shown.

End credit

Nyan Jirou is getting ready with the invitations he got from the Village Chief. He passes by one of the hunters in the Gargwa cart together with Felyne. The hunter and her felyne comrade in Arzuros armor is getting some Bamboo Shots and the felyne got the bigger one while the hunter got the smaller one. The Arzuros is eating some honey and then he saw Niyan Jirou and stared at the Felyne.

When Niyan Jirou arrived at Kokoto Village, he gave a message to the Artisan and the Village Chief with a Poogie walking by. 4 Kelbis are eating the grass and a Rathalos flying towards the sky and two Felynes are waiting for the other Felyne cooking the fish and one the base camps are shown.

When Niyan Jirou arrived at Minegarde Town, he gave a message to the Chief and the Guild Sweetheart. A hunter is carrying an egg and passed by a Veggie Elder. 2 hunters and a captured Rathian saw Niyan Jirou and the other hunter was waving his hand saying hello to Niyan Jirou.

A granny elder was walking by the Jumbo Village and again, Niyan Jirou gave a message to the Guild Sweetheart and the Village Chief. Suddenly a Khezu appeared near a hunter mining and an unconscious hunter was being brought back to the camp by the two Felynes. A pack of Melynxes were going in a place.

Niyan Jirou arrived at the Dundorma and gave a message to the Female Wyverian, the Giant Wyverian, and the Small Wyverian.

A hunter who is in the Snowman status and 2 Popos are running away from a Tigrex. And Niyan Jirou arrived at the Pokke Village and he gave a message to the 3 Felyne Cooks, 2 Felyne Chefs, Nekoht, and the Village Chief.

Niyan Jirou is now rolling in the seas and passed by a Ludroth and a Royal Ludroth. Niyan Jirou gave a message to Cha-Cha who is dancing in an island near the Moga Village. The black Felyne arrived at the Moga Village giving a message to the Chef, the Artisan, Junior, the Village Chief, and the Guild Sweetheart.

Niyan Jirou is now rolling in the Great Desert and he sees a Dragonship and a hunter in it, some small ships and some Delexes swimming like a dolphin. Niyan Jirou arrived at the Loc Lac City and he gives a message to the small Wyverian.

Niyan Jirou is now going back to the village but before that, he saw 3 Gargwas and a Gargwa that is surprised and accidentally laid an egg near the Zinogre entering Rage Mode. Trenya and Treshi were on their way after they arrived on the village. And finally Niyan Jirou is back on the village and there is a fireworks display saying Thank You For Playing.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate / 3G Intro

In the depth of the sea, a female hunter scavenge materials along with a new comrade "Kayamba" as they both surface. The game's title "Monster hunter 3 Tri" appears on-screen then blow off by the Ludroths chasing a few Epioths follow by a Rathalos on the sky. the Rathalos sink its claws on one Epioth but missed but a Lagiacrus launches from the depth and took one and retreats into the deep.

Nearby on land, a battle surge between Hunters and the Jaggi pack with a GS hunter give a slash to the alpha male . Then the battle escalates as the Rathalos get into the fray.

Back into the sea, An unknown beast chase the female hunter and her comrade in fear. Both arrive to the beach where Cha-Cha casually makes a sandcastle and the Beast(Lagiacrus) emerges to the surface, shocked the female hunter on sight.

In the Volcanic regions, three hunters been chased by a new beast "Brachydios". They are exhausted and hide behind a rock as they rest and replenish for a moment, Brachydios destroys their hiding spot and they recover with their sight on the towering behemoth. The three hunters draw weapons or concern, one of them notices that the slime turns red, and explodes, nearly sending them into the lava pool. The Brachydios now on Rage mode and the Hunters draw weapons to battle the beast.

Scene changes of all three great beasts giving their signature moves. Brachydios performing the ground punch, Rathalos stomping on the Great Jaggi and sends the GS hunter with its roar and Lagiacrus ready with its Lighting Breath to the female hunter on the beach. All three beasts sent their attack, signing the Title now with a "G".

Continuing the scene in the hostile Volcanic beach shore where the Dire Miralis lives.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate / 3G Plot Story

Similar to Monster Hunter 3 Tri Plot Story.

End Credit

Note: This ending reuses the Intro of Monster Hunter 3 Tri but adding Kayamba, Cha-Cha and a golden idol into the scene.

Viewing a golden idol been found by Cha-Cha and Kayamba, both grab the item and struggle for possession. They drop the idol tumbling down the stairs to the opening landed on the lead stampeding Aptonoth's horn. Both give chase for the idol as they ride on the Jaggis. Cha-Cha lead and fall off with the Jaggi into the feeding frenzy below. Kayamba approaches the lead Aptonoth as he tries to take the idol, surprisingly Cha-Cha now riding on the Great Jaggi as it try to take the lead herd when Rathalos swoops in for it causing the herd pile up.

Kayanba and Cha-cha still fighting each other for the idol while Rathalos fend off the carcass unnotice on those two. Lagiacrus arrives to take the carcass and Rathalos flew off while the two Shakalakas still hang on.

Cha-cha gets the upperhand by push Kayanba off falling to mountain side where the 4 hunters watching the soaring Rathalos as Kayanba grumbles in anger.

Signing the tile Logo with a Painted "G".

Cha-cha fail to remove the idol wedged on the horn and fall into the jungle landed in the Jaggi nest area where two Jaggias wake up by the sight of Cha-cha.

Monster Hunter 4 Intro

In the dense vine jungle an insect glaive hunter  wonders to the stone walls with his palico partner, He spot his target a Tigrex. He proceed after chewing some mosswine jerky, Sending his Kinsect as a distraction but fail as the beast evade the attack and delivers a blasting roar. The hunter and palico retreat recollect his kinsect and give chase by the agressive beast thought the thick jungle.  The hunter reach to the clearing but stopped close to a large gourge as the beast getting closer he take a risk jumping successfully along with the tigrex in much higher leap  while the palico falls into the abyss but dug itself back to the hunter.

The tigrex continue the chase but stopped by fireshots from a gunner a far. The gunner move around for more precision as the beast now targets him. 

As the beast charges on though 2 rounds of bullets the glaive hunter follows on the hillside and performs a mount along with the palico till it falls off. The Gunner uses the time to quickly place barrel bombs in front while the gunner's Palico carry a rocket toward the fallen palico. As the hunter losing his grip on the mount and flow off ,the duo palico perform the Flying Bomb and explode on the face of the tigrex as the two Blinding its eyes. 

The gunner ignite the Barrels and send their comrade flying back to them. The tigrex now weaken from the blast but remains persistent untill the sky darkens a large Dark beast " The Gore Magala" appear, pinning the tigrex  and crushes it with its wing claw killing it. Both hunters continue  the hunt as the glaive hunter take an acrobatic Leap head on  with his Kinsect and fade to the Logo. 

MH4 Plot Story

 On the Ocean of the Great Desert, a Sandship sailing across the sand lead by the "Caravaneer".  A Hunter emerge to the deck to meet and discuss the caravaneer about his plan going to the city.

As the flock of Remobras flew by and the school of Delexs jumps by then a emerging giant of Dah'ren Mohran rocked the Ship sending the Caravaneer`s lucky Hat fly off and cling to the beast's horn. The Hunter taking a risk to retrieve the hat intructed by the captain successfully then the Hunter now man the ship's weapons and defences to repel the beast,

After a intense battle, the caravaneer sends a flare to warn the city town of Val Habar.  The citizen and the watchtower witness their arrival and sound the warning bell alerting the townsfolk. While the Dah'ren Mohran persistence traverse with the sandship and sweeping off unwanted Delexs through the ride. Many Hunters of nearby ships  witness and assist the Ship including the ship lead by the  Ace Lancer. All assisting Ships Fire Hooks to anchor  Dah'ren Mohran  to divert away from the village successfully. The ships and the townsfolk emerge and rejoice for the averting danger as the caravaneer ship arrive its destination.

Later in the port, the Hunter approach the caravaneer to return his Lucky hat as he reveal a golden scale from it and a short sounds of the warning bell chimes.

Monster Hunter 4 Plot End Credit

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Intro

In the Night dessert dune, 3 hunters a male lance, male charge blade and a female dual blader all set camp sharpen weapons, eat meals and setup for the next day hunt while another hunter a Bow user comes and join them.

As morning arrive, All setup their gear when the female hunter toss a sonic bomb to the charge blade user. The other 2 hunters set off to the dessert bring them the Bomb Barrels and setting them on the Cactus field. The lance user take a Cool drink after setting the barrels while the bow user pick a nitroshroom for his Power coating. Back in the camp the female hunter watch her surroundings while  another prepare a Ivy for the pitfall trap. As he get a jar of  spider web, a tremor rocks the field and a Diablo spawn near their site. The both hide from its sight till the the beast left as the 2 hunters quickly pack up their gear and meet the rest of their group.

the 4 hunters meet up in the afternoon dessert and wait for Diablo emerging as the beast snack on the cactus where the bomb placed. the 4 hunters get ready there position to take diablo down, the Bow user take the High ground while the chargeblader set his Pitfall trap and give all the signal to proceed. The bow user takes a first shot to the barrel set and to explode right on  the beast face. the lance user taunts the now furious beast and give chase right to another barrel explotion taking its right horn clean off.  the chase continue as the lance user lure it to the trap but then all there plan goes wrong as a Chepalos arrive and collide with diablos and slam right to the hills sending the bow user falling. As the diablo stuck to the cliff the cepalos charges to the bow user  then the charge blader saving him using his sonic bomb  sending the sandfish running. 

Diablo finally freed and start digging underground, all 4 hunter regroup and retreat but they been stopped by the arrival of Sereagio with the Diablos suffacing as the hunter stands between them.  As Diablo runs and Seregio soar for an attack, all 4 hunters split by 2 to opposite direction to avoid seregio's talon that slash to the logo.

MH4U Plot Story

Similar to Monster Hunter 4 plot story.

Monster Hunter 4U End Credit

Similar to Monster Hunter 4 Ending.

Monster Hunter Generations Intro

MHGen Plot Story

Monster Hunter XX Intro

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