Monster Hunter G is a Japan-exclusive game for PlayStation 2. It is an expansion to the original Monster Hunter with more quests, weaponry, and different color variations of its existing monsters. Due to the series lack of popularity overseas, this PS2 title never made it outside of Japan. In 2006, however, Monster Hunter Freedom was released for the PSP, which is essentially the equivalent of MHG.

New Content

Completely new additions and features:

  • Monster color variations and sizes
  • New skill system that was operated by numbers rather than armor
  • New "G" rank quests
  • Hire Felyne chefs to cook stat-boosting (or lowering) meals
  • Kokoto Farm, to acquire materials within the village
  • Training School
  • New sharpness levels: Blue and White

Wii Port

Monster Hunter G was re-released on the Wii in Japan on Apr 23, 2009 bundled with a Monster Hunter G Classic Controller and a demo of Monster Hunter 3. It is also noted that the charge attack has been added to the Great Sword, something the PS2 version did not have.


Video Title
Wii Monster Hunter G Commercial01:30

Wii Monster Hunter G Commercial

Wii Monster Hunter G Commercial
Monster Hunter G PS2 Trailer02:12

Monster Hunter G PS2 Trailer

Monster Hunter G PS2 Trailer
Monster Hunter G PS2 Opening02:07

Monster Hunter G PS2 Opening

Monster Hunter G PS2 Opening

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