The 9.0 pack for Monster Hunter Frontier released on September 29, 2010. It revealed 3 new monsters and a new area, the Highland.

New Monsters

Gurenzeburu, the Barbarian Wyvern, is a new monster released in MHFO Season 9. Gurenzeburu appears in a new area called the Highland. Its large spiked horn is a deadly weapon.

Erupe (エルペ) is one of the two small monsters first identified in MHFO Season 9. It appears in a new area called the Highland. It has a very similar move set to the Kelbi and the Anteka. It's a very friendly creature and especially curious towards hunters.

Burukku (ブルック), is a Bison shaped Herbivore that is exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier and is one of the first small monsters, besides Erupe, to appear in the game. It first appeared in Season 9 and inhabits a new area called the Highland. This herbivore is likely a favorite prey to the Gurenzeburu.

New Area

The Highland (高地), also known as the "Fields of Natural Calamity" (天変のフィールド), is a new area in the upcoming Monster Hunter Frontier's Season 9 update. As the name suggests, it is an area of high rocky plateaus.

The mountains and towering cliffs are largely unexplored. At the summit, there is a deteriorating forest with weathered rocks - below is an endless sea of clouds. Waterfalls are plentiful in the area. The deepest part of the Highland, in Area 4, is a cave characterized by huge stone pillars. The Hunter's Guild refer to this area as the "high ground" although it is still shrouded in mystery.

Season 9.0 Trailer



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