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Monster Hunter Frontier 5.0

The 5.0 pack for Monster Hunter Frontier released on April 8, 2009. The feature picture shows new NPCs in a new Mezoporta Square. It also adds Parone and the Pearl Hunter System.

New Monster

Pariapuria is a four-legged Amphibious monster introduced in the 5.0 update. It lives in the watery caves of the Gorge. It has a long blue tongue and a long tail used for propelling itself in water.

Season 5.0 Trailer



Monster Hunter Frontier 5.5 Update

The update of Season 5.0. Includes and new monster and the frontier exclusive Rasta system. Season 5.5 coincided with the 2 year anniversary of MHFO.

New Monster

The Espinas Rare Species is the second subspecies of Espinas. It has a milky white underbelly, with a very light grey carapace, finished with light purple thorns. It inhabits the Great Forest Peak.

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