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The 4.0 pack for Monster Hunter Frontier released on December 17, 2008. Features a new monster and a new area.


  • New location revealed, the Desert Canyons. Located in between canyons, monsters like the Rajang, Tigrex, Orange Espinas, and the new "Lightning Wyvern" will appear there.
  • Two new types of plant life, a tall cactus that looks like it might be minable, and blades of grass that may be useless. There are also stalagmite from caves, and another unknown item.
  • Teostra will get a longer-range fire breath and wider fire explosion.
  • Many new weapons revealed.
  • New armor color variations.
  • Possible ability of changing the color of your weapon.
  • A Mushroom Bar, Cactus Stand, and Felyne Stand.
  • More customizable piggies.
  • New area in farm.
  • New combat related skills.
  • Possibly a new bow canister.
  • 4 vs. 4
  • 4 new hairstyles

New Monster

The Berukyurosu is a new thunder element wyvern exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. It appears in the new Gorge area. Berukyurosu is able to shoot a sweeping, linear lightning beam from its mouth, while hovering in the air. The beam itself is very similar to that of the Rajang. Berukyurosu is highly adept in aerial combat, able to do even more difficult maneuvers than the Kushala Daora. .

Teostra Update

In the 4.0 update Teostra will get a longer-range fire breath and wider fire explosion., increasing the difficulty of the battle.

New Surroundings

There are two new types of plant life introduced in the 4.0 update. A tall cactus that looks like it might be minable is the first and blades of grass that may be useless are the second. There are also new stalagmites for caves, and another unknown item.


New Map

The Gorge (峡谷) is a new area that introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier 4.0. Its existence was revealed on November 14, 2008. It is home to deep trenches, underground lakes, volatile weather, and many exotic species, other large migratory monsters are often found here as well, such as Tigrex and the widely adaptive Rajang.

New Equipment

Some new weapons and armor that are introduced in the 4.0 update.


Season 4.0 Trailer



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