Monster Hunter Frontier Season 1.0

The Beginning of the Frontier Series. Was bought out in 2007 on PC and eventually in 2010 on the Xbox 360 (Which was already updated to season 8.5) It features some new monsters and a new area.

New Monsters

Hypnocatrice is one of the two monsters introduced in Frontier. It lives in the new Great Forest area and is very brighly colored.

Lavasioth is one of the two monsters introduced in Frontier. It hangs its hat in the Volcano. It can swim in lava and has many fire-based attacks.

New Area

A new area is introduced in Frontier, the Great Forest.

Season 1.0 Trailer

Video:MHFO Season 1 Trailer

Monster Hunter Frontier Season 1.5

The update to Season 1.0 which released some months after 1.0 includes the MHF monsters (Tigrex, AkantorYian Garuga, Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian) and the HR cap is raised to 99.

New Monsters

Breeding Season Hypnocatrice is a new monster introduced in the 1.5 update and is exclusive to Frontier. It has bright pink and blue colorings and lives in the Great Forest.

Lavasioth Subspecies is another new monster introduced in the 1.5 update. This monster is also exclusive to frontier. It inhabits the Volcano.

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