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MHF-G3 プロモーションムービー02:00

MHF-G3 プロモーションムービー

Title Monster Hunter Frontier G 3 Trailer
by MHFofficial


Title MHF-G『紹介ムービー』
Provided by MHFofficial

Monster Hunter Frontier G3.1

This update introduces the Hunter Partner (パートナー). This feature adds a partner for your hunter which, unlike rastas, will hunt with you instead of being given to others to use. To get a partner, you must enter the Rasta Hall and speck to the felyne to the left of the counter, then proceed to speak to one of the elite rastas. Depending on who you speck too, will depend on what weapon your partner will have equipped, so say you speck to Frau, the dual sword rasta, if you get your partner from her, the partner will have a pair of duals equipped. Whether this weapon type can be changed later on is unknown.

Once you get your partner, you can change what they look like, and you can choose if you want a male or a female partner. Partners have a in-depth system of their own, in where you can give them your equipment but unlike with rastas, you cannot share equipment, and if you give them a weapon or armor piece, you CAN NOT get it back, so be very careful.

Partners have priority over rastas, but can be turned off so you don't use them. They have a new ranking system of their own also, Partner Rank (PR) and another ranking system called PRP, however it is unsure how that part works.

Partners seem to have set stats for their level, and can have skills and ability's bought for them using Guild Donation Points (GDP) in a similar way to the rastas. The ability's that can be bought are Traps, lifepowders (and other status healing powders), horns and knives, all costing over 1,000 GDP.

Just like when Felynes (FU,P3RD & MH4) and Shakalakas (Tri and 3U) gather things and then you get given them at the end of quests, the Partners share this feature, giving you extra monster parts and other scavenged items found during the quest.

The trailer seems to have a sneak peek of G-Rank Fatalis and is set to release on January 8, 2014.



Kogath - Monster Hunter Frontier G301:37

Kogath - Monster Hunter Frontier G3.1 Update Preview

Title Monster Hunter Frontier G3.1 Update Preview
Provided by Kogath

Monster Hunter Frontier G3.2

A teaser Image is seen in the official website for an upcoming new Monster. It is hinted to be another Burst Species like Zerureusu. It is set to release around February 2014.



MHF-G『第14回 開発運営レポート(動画版)』25:52

MHF-G『第14回 開発運営レポート(動画版)』

Title MHF-G『第14回 開発運営レポート(動画版)』
by MHFofficial

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