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Monster Hunter Frontier G
Logo-MHFG Release Date/s:
Japan (PC, Xbox 360) - April 17, 2013

Japan (PS3) - November 20, 2013
Japan (WiiU) - December 11, 2013
Japan (PS Vita) - (?) (?), 2014
North America - N/A
Europe - N/A
Australia - N/A

System/s: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PS Vita
Official Site/s:
Generation: Frontier
Monster/s appearing in this game:
Pokara, Anorupathisu, Baruragaru, Farunokku, Giaorugu, Gougarf,
Hyujikiki, Meraginasu, Midogaron, Mi Ru, Pokaradon, Zerureusu, Dhisufiroa, Rebidiora, Shanthien
Weapon Types present in this game:
Sword and Shield, Dual Sword, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer,
Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow


In Japan, Capcom had confirmed Monster Hunter Frontier G. This title contained 10 New Monsters, 21 current Monsters becoming available at G-Rank, 3 New Areas, over 150 G Class Weapons, over 150 New G Class Armors, 30 New Skills, 4 new elements and new actions for 11 weapon types.

The game arrived for PC and Xbox 360 on April 17, 2013. On July 30th 2013 it was revealed that the game will be available on November 20, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and December 11, 2013 for Wii U.

Memorial Packages will also be available for most Platforms at February 5, 2014.


Title Monster Hunter Frontier G First Trailer
Provided by MHFofficial
MHF-G『プロモーションムービー 第2弾』(02:32)
Title Monster Hunter Frontier G Second Trailer
Provided by MHFofficial
モンスターハンター フロンティアG PS3版 Wii U版 公式プロモーションムービー(02:47)
Title Monster Hunter Frontier G [PS3 / Wii U] Trailer HD
Provided by MHFofficial
Title MHF-G『紹介ムービー』
Provided by MHFofficial

CG Trailer

Title MHF-G『イメージトレーラー』
Provided by MHFofficial


Box Art-MHFG1 PC Box Art-MHFG1 XBOX360 Box Art-MHFG2 PC Box Art-MHFG2 XBOX360
Box Art-MHFG3 PC Box Art-MHFG3 XBOX360 Box Art-MHFG Memorial Package PC Box Art-MHFG Memorial Package XBOX360
MHF-G3 MHF-G Memorial Package

MHF-G (04/23/2013): MHFO was updated and changed to MHF-G
MHF-G2 (06/10/2013): (?)
MHF-G3 (10/16/2013): (?)

Platform Announcements

PlayStation 3

Monster Hunter Frontier G became available for the PlayStation 3 at November 20, 2013. A Memorial Package was also available at February 5, 2014.

Wii U

Monster Hunter Frontier G became available for the Wii U at December 11, 2013. Certain Wii U-exclusives include Fire Emblem: Awakening-themed Weapons and Armor. A Memorial Package was also available at February 5, 2014.

PlayStation Vita

MHFG-Diva PSVita Promotional Image
MckrongsAdded by Mckrongs

Monster Hunter Frontier G will be coming to PlayStation Vita in 2014.

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