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Monster Hunter Freedom is the PSP version of Monster Hunter G with extra features, such as new colored bosses and a Felyne kitchen. Monster Hunter Freedom is the Westernized name, while Monster Hunter Portable is used in Japan. Both games are essentially the same.

Monster Hunter Freedom Intro01:56

Monster Hunter Freedom Intro

Monster Hunter Freedom Intro

New Content

Some new things were added to the original Monster Hunter:

  • A new boss, the Yian Garuga.
  • Monster color variations known as subspecies.
  • Monster lengths. Unlike newer games it only contains max lengths.
  • New skill system that is operated by numbers rather than armor set.
  • New "G-class" quests.
  • Hire Felyne chefs to cook stat-changing meals.
  • Kokoto Farm.
  • Training School.
  • New sharpness levels, Blue and White.


  • The Subspecies of monsters act differently than their normal counterparts. Most move faster when in rage or have changed the attack patterns (like using more of the attack that the normal one use the least.) Kokoto village has changed a little due to the addition to the farm and the cherry blossoms.

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