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05-04-09, E3 Announcement by Nintendo=

Nintendo releases information at E3 that MH3 will be released in North America in March of 2010

04-20-09, MH3 Demo released in Japan

Check out YouTube videos of the MH3 demo at MH3 Demo Videos.

02-25-09, MH3 to be released in North America and Europe

A Capcom spokesperson announced that Monster Hunter 3 is planned for release in North American and European markets. coming to the U.S. and Europe. You heard right, straight from Capcom comes this exciting news. No Capcom site has currently been found to confirm the news, but it's believed to be expected soon. No release date has been announced.

"“There is no significant change in Capcom’s strategy, and we will primarily release game titles for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. In addition, we plan to release our leading titles overseas to acquire game users, as the overseas market for Wii is extensive. One of our leading titles is ‘Monster Hunter 3 (tri-).’ If we can gain recognition of this product in the European and North American markets, our market strategy will see a noticeable change. Meanwhile, we are reviewing the possibility of releasing new titles besides ‘Ace Attorney’ for Nintendo DS.”''"
— Capcom statement.

02/12/09, Close MH3 release date


"Capcom is planning a summer release for Monster Hunter 3. The Wii title, which commanded waits of over four hours at the Tokyo Game Show, was previously set for some in 2009."

01-22-09, Many new images of Rathian, Lagiacrus, and gameplay

12-26-08, New updates on official MH3 site


  • New images of the revamped Rathian. [1]
  • New images of monster, Barroth. [2]
  • New desert images. [3]
  • Showing Underwater oxygen bar. [4]

12-23-08, 12 new scans from V-Jump magazine


"Capcom has released some new screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 tri- for the Wii in the latest V-Jump magazine. The game is set to release next year in Japan."

12-11-08, Capcom denies rumor that MH3 will go multiplatform


"Japanese game companies almost never address rumors, which makes it all the more surprising that Capcom has publicly denied a persistent bit of gossip claiming that Monster Hunter 3 will be repurposed for PSP. Found directly at the top of Capcom Japan's MH3 webpage, the update reads: "Important Notice: A certain magazine has reported that Monster Hunter 3 tri~ will appear on platforms other than Wii. Capcom has made no such announcement. Monster Hunter 3 tri~ utilizes the unique features of the Wii to their fullest, and development continues with the intention of creating a Monster Hunter never before seen.""
— Capcom Japan
"Many industry pundits surmised that MH3's shift to Wii was prompted not only by the Wii's marketplace success, but also because its low-res assets could be adapted to create a Monster Hunter Portable 3 for PSP. Capcom's denial would seem to put the kibosh on that idea...but then again, this is the company that claimed Resident Evil 4 would be an eternal GameCube exclusive, brought Devil May Cry 4 to Xbox 360, and had previously announced Monster Hunter 3 for PlayStation 3."
— Capcom Japan

12-09-08, Rumor says MH3 may go multiplatform


This rumor has been stated FALSE by Capcom!

"The stunning Monster Hunter 3 may make an appearance on platforms other than Wii in the future. It looks like the exclusivity rights for the next-generation instalment of the popular Monster Hunter "is not yet final" according to a Capcom representative in a recent interview. The game itself has seen a console jump before, originally planned to head solely towards Sony's PlayStation 3 and has since sailed onto Nintendo's Wii instead."
— Cubed3

12-08-08, MH3 playable at Jump Festa 2009


"Capcom announced its Wii action game Monster Hunter 3 will be playable in the upcoming Jump Festa 2009 in Tokyo Japan, between December 20 to 21."
— MagicBox

11-17-08, MH3 producer and director gives info


"The magazine scored an interview with two key hunters, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka. The concept for the game, according to Tsujimoto, is to restart Monster Hunter from scratch, filling the game with new ideas. The switch in platforms from the PS2 to the Wii was one of the reasons for this big rethinking of the series, Fujioka explained."
— Paragraph 2
"Monster Hunter 3 will place players on a new field: an unexplored island. This setting appears to offer a lot of variety, from thick forests, to dark caves, all the way to deep underwater environments surrounding the island."
— Paragraph 3
"The two developers spoke at length about the new swimming component of the game. Players will have full swimming controls over their in-game counterparts when exploring the underwater environments. Outside of hunting for giant submerged beasts, you'll also be able to hunt fish which can later be used as ingredients."
— Paragraph 4
"While you'll have most of your land-based abilities available to you while underwater, including the ability to use long-range weapons, you'll have to keep one thing in mind when swimming: air. You have an air gauge which depletes with time, similar to your stamina gauge when running about on land."
— Paragraph 5
"In addition to the water environments, you'll be able to explore dark areas, like caves. To light up your surroundings, you make use of torches. Without torch light, these areas would be too dark for hunting."
— Paragraph 6
"MH3 will also include brand new monsters. Capcom is approaching this area of the game from a fresh start as well. Fujioka expects that the monsters reappearing from past installments will have a certain freshness about them."
— Paragraph 7
"One particular creature is getting particular attention. An giant underwater dragon creature, who happens to be known as king of the waters, is the game's main monster, Fujioka revealed. This dragon can actually survive outside the water, so players will be able to face off against him while swimming or walking, depending on preference."
— Paragraph 8
"Monster Hunter 3 will see the return of one element of the series that has been missing from the recent PSP entries: online play. Online mode can be played in four player groups, just like the PS2 installments."
— Paragraph 9
"The game retains the concept of a "city," which acts as a lobby for chatting and meeting with other players. When playing solo, this city becomes a village that slowly expands with new facilities and access routes for the island."
— Paragraph 10
"While Capcom isn't ready with a final release date for Monster Hunter 3, the game is far enough in development that it will be making a playable appearance at the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off in Japan on October 9. Expect full hands-on impressions from IGN's monster hunters then."
— Paragraph 11

10-19-08, Official MH3 site up

Link: MH3 Site:

"As of today Capcom have released the official site for Monster Hunter 3. The site is only available in Japanese, however they do have some nice screenshots and art available for viewing!"
— GameGrep

10-13-08, Monster Hunter Tri interview


MH3 Interview with producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto.

"The undisputed champion of last week's Tokyo Game Show wasn't Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. It was Capcom, whose latest Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, drew lines over four hours long within minutes of the show opening each day."
— Intro
"We were considering it at one point, but for this type of game, with four-way split, the game would be hard to play -- hard to see, for instance. First, there was that barrier, so we made it two-player. With that, the game can be played without too much of a change of feeling, so we decided to try that first."
— Ryozo Tsujimoto
"Before, you've always just thought, 'how do I attack this monster?' or 'how do I beat this monster?' Now, you have to take into account how the monster behaves, what kind of special adaptations it has, what kind of special abilities it has. Now, it's not just a simple matter of how you can just beat it. You have to actually use your head. It's more strategic. We think this will make the game a lot more interesting."
— Ryozo Tsujimoto

10-11-08, Aquiring monster information in-game


", covering the Monster Hunter 3 stage in Capcom's booth today, reports that director Kaname Fujioka unveiled a new bit of Wiimote functionality for the game. Players will be able to use the Wiimote as a pointer to directly grab information from monsters. All you have to do is point at an unfamiliar beast, press A, and drag the beast into your Monster List notepad. In past Monster Hunter games, you had to purchase monster information from an in-game shop."
"It's unclear if this is the site's opinion, or if this is what Fujioka said, but notes that due to the more developed monsters in Monster Hunter 3, monster information is an important part of surviving monster fights now."

10-09-08, Capcom releases new info at TGS 2008


"Monster Hunter 3 will feature a horizontal split screen mode of play, allowing two players to play together in offline mode. Past console entries have only offered multiplayer play options when played online."
— Ryozo Tsujimoto
"Tsujimoto revealed that large beasts now have something only the hunters from past entries in the series had: stamina. They lose their stamina with time, becoming weaker. Just as your hunters eat to recover their stamina, so to do the large beasts. They actually eat other monsters!"
— Ryozo Tsujimoto
"Other revelations include support for the Wii's Classic controller, for those wanting a control scheme that more closely resembles the PS2 version."
— Ryozo Tsujimoto

09-17-08, Areas and new monster behaviors


"How the monsters in each field are related, and how they live with each other, plays a large role in the game. In previous games, the situations you encountered in each area were scripted to some extent, but here, everything is constantly on the move in each environment, so your experience changes with that."
— Capcom's Producer and Director of MH3
"Monsters up to now were largely discrete in nature, not really concerned much about others. In this game, they are constantly being influenced by who and what is around them. If the main boss monster in an area moves just a little, the entire situation nearby changes. Monsters deliberately attack each other all the time."
— Capcom's Producer and Director of MH3

03-21-08, MH3 coming to North America a possibility


"It’s no secret that, in Japan, Monster Hunter is a phenomenon along the same lines as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh; One in five PSP owners in Japan has a copy of one of the Monster Hunter games! You can see people playing it everywhere; on street corners in Akihabara, on the train, waiting in line to get into the Capcom store at TGS, on school campuses (not during class, mind) and on and on. The publishing company that puts out Famitsu released a Monster Hunter strategy guide that was over 1000 pages! Outside of Japan, the series hasn’t really caught on in the same way. We’ve done respectable business with the games we’ve released so far on PS2 and PSP. We certainly haven’t posted numbers in North America as they have done in Japan – Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP has sold in excess of 2 million units there – but the games have done well. That being said, Capcom is going to be making a major commitment to the Monster Hunter brand over the next two years in the west. Expect to see a significant marketing program dedicated to educating and enthralling gamers of both casual and hardcore natures. We’re not going to let up until there are as many people playing here in North America as there are in Japan! While we have not made specific announcements regarding Monster Hunter 3 in North America (or Europe, for that matter) to date, you can bet we’ll be talking more about it in the future."
— Full statement

10-10-07, Nintendo Wii exclusive deal with Capcom


"Nintendo Co Ltd, the world's largest maker of portable game consoles, on Wednesday won an exclusive deal in which major game developer Capcom Co Ltd will supply its blockbuster Monster Hunter 3 action game title for its Wii home-use, stand-alone game machines."
— Paragraph from report
"'Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunster 3 title,' Capcom managing corporate officer Katsuhiko Ichii said."
— Paragraph from report
"'I understand that some experts argue that our success is short-lived and temporary. So, we now need to make efforts to constantly expand the player base by offering services and titles that can appeal not only to those who have never played games but also to those who play them hard,' he said."
— Paragraph from report
"'Wii has so far been successful, but it lacks a strong player base among teenagers, while Monster Hunter is highly popular in this age group,' said Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Enterbrain, the publisher of influential entertainment magazines."
— Paragraph from report

05-09-06, Monster Hunter 3 announced for PS3


"Coinciding with Sony's E3 press conference yesterday, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 3 is in development for the PlayStation 3. Game details, a release date and pricing were not revealed as part of the announcement -- a development we find somewhat surprising given the fact that it is E3 time. Weird."
— Intro

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