Monster Ecology Book (モンスター生態図鑑) is an official series of books explaining the ecological behaviors of the specific monster the book covers. There are currently a total of ten existing books, and all of the books are only available in Japanese. The first four books (ZinogreBrute Tigrex, Duramboros and Green Nargacuga) were released around the time of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, while the fifth and sixth books (Barioth and Ivory Lagiacrus) were released around the time of Monster Hunter 3 G. After the release of Monster Hunter 3 G HD Version in Japan, for the Wii U, the seventh and eighth books (Brachydios and Goldbeard Ceadeus) arrived. 

After yet another gap, it was revealed that Hallowed Jhen Mohran and Savage Deviljho had been released. The last 4 also contained parts to an extra figurine, that of Stygian Zinogre, however, coloured entirely black. The main parts were found with Brachydios, Goldbeard Ceadeus and Hallowed Jhen Mohran, whilst the dragon energy surrounding Savage Deviljho can double as the Stygian Zinogre's red lightning. 


Note: Images below are watermarked. Buy the full version of the books from the purchase links below.

The books contain the monster's anatomical structure (external, internal, and skeletal), as well as the whole monster in top, front and side views. They also contain one Artwork of the monster, as well as the monster's set of weapons and Armor.

MHP3 Ecology Books


Tigrex Subspecies


Green Nargacuga

MH3G Ecology Books


Ivory Lagiacrus


The books also contain fully-colored and pose-able figure models of the monsters they cover. The figurines come in parts and an assembly guide is included in the book.

The first four books included four mystery monster parts (one part in each book). Combining the four parts completes the figure of Amatsumagatsuchi. The fifth and sixth books, however, include broken versions of the monsters' body parts instead.

MHP3 Ecology Book Figures

MH3G Ecology Book Figures

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All Images are provided by User:Pink Fatalis.

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