• A decent heavy bowgun made from White Monoblos parts. It has potential as a stand-out pierce lvl 3 gun with the armor skill capacity up, but outclassed by the Raven heirloom when it comes to damage and versatility. The pierce potential is quite expensive, since pierce lvl 3 shots aren't available yet at this point, requiring you to buy pin tunas and small bone husks.

Main Ammo

Ammo Type Level One Level Two Level Three
Normal S 6 6 /
Pierce S 2 2 2
Pellet S 2 2 2
Crag S / / /
Clust S / / /

Attribute Ammo

Ammo Type Level One Level Two
Recovery S / /
Poison S / /
Paralysis S / /
Sleep S / /

Elemental/Ability Ammo

Ammo Type Amount
Flame S /
Water S /
Thunder S /
Freeze S /
Dragon S /
Tranq S 2
Paint S 2
Demon S /
Armor S /

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