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Elder/Low Rank

Body Carves (x4)
Item Name
Monoblos Shell 55%
Monoblos Spine 23%
Blos Fang 20%
Monoblos Heart 2%
Tail Carves (x2)
Monoblos Shell 80%
Large Monster Bone 20%
Capture Rewards
Item Name
Monoblos Shell 67%
Monoblos Spine 29%
Monoblos Heart 4%
Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Horn Blood Red Horn 100%
Shiny Drops
Item Name
Wyvern Tears 98%
Monoblos Heart 2%

Nekoht/High Rank

Body Carves+ (x4)
Item Name
Monoblos Carapace 40%
Monoblos Thoracic 30%
Monoblos Shell 20%
Monoblos Heart 10%
Tail Carves+ (x2)
Monoblos Carapace 60%
Hrd Monster Bone 40%
Capture Rewards+
Item Name
Wound Rewards+
Destroy Item Name
Horn Top-GrdRedHorn


Shiny Drops+
Item Name
Wyvern Tears 55%
Wyvern Sobs 37%
Monoblos Heart 8%

Information from

Monster Hunter Freedom

Village Quest and Normal
Monoblos Spine (40%)
Monoblos Shell (36%)
Blos Fang (20%)
Monoblos Heart (4%)
Monoblos Shell (80%)
Large Monster Bone (20%)


  • Some parts of Monoblos like Blood Red Horn, Monoblos Heart, and Monoblos Shells can also be obtained as a reward for breaking the Skull Shell of the Daimyo Hermitaur.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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