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Competition Arena
New Arena Area 3 MHFO
English Name: Competition Arena
Japanese Name: 新大闘技場
General Information
Number of Areas: 1
Main Resources: Supply Items
Small Monsters: Remobra, Melynx, Felyne, Mosswine, Shakalaka
Large Monsters: Plesioth, Dyuragaura, Berukyurosu, Rajang Rathian, Rathalos, Blangonga, Gravios, Basarios, Daimyo Hermitaur, Espinas, Pariapuria, Gypceros, Green Plesioth, Purple Gypceros, Khezu, Congalala, Tigrex
Game Appearances: MHFO
Generation: Frontier

A new Arena called the Competition Arena (新大闘技場) introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 10. It is similar to the Moat Arena, but with four Ballistae installed and it does not have a ceiling.

Its used as Frontiers arena and sometimes just gets used as a normal arena for events such as Hunter Rank Point quests, Official ranked player tournaments, Competing quests where all hunters in the group get points based on their actions and ranked just for fun and various other quests.


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