Minegarde is the online town for the original Monster Hunter (and MHG) for the PS2 that ran until the servers for MH1 shut down. Despite being a port of the original game, this Town is not accessible in Monster Hunter Freedom.

Town Layout

Top Left: The armoury where armors and weapons are created. Because there are no item boxes in the gathering hall, players had to walk all the way to the armory to grab or store an item.

Top: The gathering hall where players post and sign up for quests. This version of the Gathering Hall is also available offline in Monster Hunter Freedom though it is in Kokoto Village, not Minegarde town.

Top Right: Player rooms (five types: Pawn, Rook, Bishop, Queen, and King) where items can be stored, eat for kitchen skills, and game saved.

Bottom Right: Exit to the town selection screen.

Bottom Left: The online market where the infamous* "Claw Day" is born. Also includes a combination shop.

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Monster Hunter online town

Monster Hunter online town