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  • Maku, I wanted to verify if it's okay if I can change on MH4 Quest Box Template from "Main Goal" to "Main Objective" to better reflect how it is stated in game? No worries I know how to do it without it all screwing up and the changed reflecting correctly, if given the okay.

    Template:MH4 Quest Box

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  • Grim Cat is missing from the Charge Blade Page.

    If you don't have access to the info (i would assume you do) then just let me know.

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  • Are you planning to upload all the games' music as oggs?

    That way all the pages can have music without three different looking things and you can delete the video files that were just for music.

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  • The Great Sword Template already has Unofficial Name in its code so it gets duplicated.

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  • I wanted to ask if you could post these?

    Seltas and Seltas Queen

    • 甲虫目(Order - Coleptera)
    • 食肉亜目(Suborder - Adephaga)
    • セルタス科(Family - Seltas)


    • 鋏角目(Order - Chelicerata)
    • スキュラ科(Family - Syclla)


    • 古龍目(Order - Elder Dragon)
    • 戟龍亜目(Suborder - Halberd Dragon)
    • ゴグマ科(Family - Gogma)


    • 古龍目(Order - Elder Dragon)
    • 蛇龍亜目(Suborder - Serpent Dragon)
    • アマデュラ科(Family - Amadur)


    • 有尾目(Order - Caudata)
    • 鬼蛙亜目(Suborder - Demon Frog)
    • カブラ科(Family - Cabra)

    Zamite and Zamtrios

    • 有尾目(Order - Caudata)
    • 化鮫亜目(Suborder - Monster Shark)
    • ザボアザギル科(Family - Zamtrios)


    • 甲虫目(Order - Coleptera)
    • 盾虫亜目(Suborder - Shield Bug)
    • クンチュウ科(Family - Konchu)
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  • You got the notification too. So did the others. I'm pretty curious as to what this exactly is, how it works and what the ups and downs to it are. I guess we'll find out soon enough as I took the liberty of enabling it.

    I could read the staff blog about it and find out that way but it wouldn't make sense to do that as we don't work with common sense.

    I wonder if anonymous users can view/participate in these conversations. I hope not. If that's the case I already got plenty of reason to turn off this feature and add it to the list of "failures".

    Update: I just had a look at the RC. It seems this feature will act just like comments and article comments. It takes up space in our precious Recent Changes. I'm already starting to get a bad feeling about this. It will potentially double the amount of garbage we have to monitor each day. Not a good start if you ask me. But it could always be worse. We can triple that amount by enabling article comments...

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