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  • You got the notification too. So did the others. I'm pretty curious as to what this exactly is, how it works and what the ups and downs to it are. I guess we'll find out soon enough as I took the liberty of enabling it.

    I could read the staff blog about it and find out that way but it wouldn't make sense to do that as we don't work with common sense.

    I wonder if anonymous users can view/participate in these conversations. I hope not. If that's the case I already got plenty of reason to turn off this feature and add it to the list of "failures".

    Update: I just had a look at the RC. It seems this feature will act just like comments and article comments. It takes up space in our precious Recent Changes. I'm already starting to get a bad feeling about this. It will potentially double the amount of garbage we have to monitor each day. Not a good start if you ask me. But it could always be worse. We can triple that amount by enabling article comments...

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