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In-Game Information

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Merphistophelin is an Elder Dragon known by many names. The Devil, the Destroyer, or the End of Days is some of the names it goes by.

Habitat Range

Merphistophelin has been witnessed in a number of environments such as Hermit Forest and Clamorous Ridge. However, it has mainly been seen in volcanic environments.

Ecological Niche

Merphistophelin is a predator that is high in the food chain with no competition, excluding other Elder Dragons.

Biological Adaptions

According to researchers, it has a powerful energy at the of core of its chest. This allows it to use all five elements: Fire, Thunder, Water, Ice, and Dragon. It uses all the elements so it can survive in any environment, no matter how harsh it is.


Merphistophelin can be angered quite easily. When angered, it will try to destroy anything and everything in its path until it calms down. It is described to be an overconfident Elder Dragon to all other monster species it encounters, not taking them seriously in a fight, unless angered, from this Elder Dragon being high in the food chain. Its appearance has lead to monsters being evicted from their natural homes, becoming problems for settlements.