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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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The Meraginasu are believed to be close relatives the Espinas species. These Flying Wyverns were once thought to be extinct as the only evidence of their existence was their ancient fossilized remains. However recently the wyverns were discovered and untouched by time living in deep caverns.

Habitat Range

Meraginasu have only been found living within the deepest and darkest caves of the Tide Island.

Ecological Niche

These wyverns are powerful predators and will readily prey upon whatever creature they come across. Bulldrome corpses have been found within the Tide Island's caves and it is very likely that Meraginasu prey on them. Other creatures such as Taikun Zamuza, Daimyo HermitaurShogun Ceanataur, may also be possible prey. The only major competition that Meraginasu have are each other and the voracious Pariapuria.

Biological Adaptations

Due to the species long exposure to total darkness, Meraginasu are completely blind. In order to make up for their loss of sight these wyverns rely on their very large ears for extremely sensitive hearing to find prey or enemies. Amazingly these wyverns are totally immune to the effects of sonic bombs due to the bombs having a different sound frequency. Meraginasu utilize a unique element known as Darkness which is a combination of the Ice and Dragon elements. The wyverns use this element to produce many of their powerful attacks, especially with their tails like a rocket for speed and as a weapon. Meraginasu scales are capable of producing a strange high pitch sound and if rubbed together they will glow a bright gold. The thorns on Meraginasu protect it from falling rocks in caves.


Meraginasu can be quite calm when they don't hear a potential threat or prey but will turn extremely aggressive the moment they hear a sound coming from something. The moment the Meraginasu hears a tiny sound, it will violently and relentlessly attack where the sound is mostly coming from.