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Hahahahahahaha! How are you all my little hunter boys and girls today? It is time for the second melee weapons course, with yours truly, the fearsome Hell Brother, Red Devil!

2This time, I am going to give you a lecture about some insightful pieces of melee weapon knowledge!

First, attacking with a melee weapon! It is not OK to swing it around carelessly like some child's toy! Understand?

3There are three steps to an attack with a melee weapon. Drawing the weapon, applying the force, and the final follow-through. The strongest part of the attack is... I shouldn't have to tell you... it is "Applying the Force"!
4These steps are even more important to hunting game than sharpening a weapon. Drawing a weapon requires no strength at all. Hitting a monster while drawing a weapon is likely to damage the weapon. This is something you must make a great effort to avoid when using melee weapons.
5So, how exactly do you attack an enemy with the highest strength possible...? The most important things are distance and timing. You must judge your weapon's reach and your enemy's movements. This is not something I can explain to you, but something that you must learn for yourself and develop an intuition for.
6If that is difficult, you should use a weapon with excellent Sharpness. If a weapon is sharp enough, strength is of little importance, as it will slice through an opponent anyways. It is also important to allow your equipment to fill in the gaps of your technique.
7The second subject I want to discuss is when, despite using a weapon to its potential, an opponent is just too hard to compete against. Wyverns like Basarios and Gravios are covered in a hard shell. Normal weapons won't leave a mark on these beasts, despite your best efforts.
8However, every monster has a weak point. For every hard point, there must also be a soft point. Where are these weak points located... Well that is a trade secret. One of the keys to being a successful hunter is learning to attack in the most effective manner.
9Next, even if they have a hard shell, it is easy to damage a monster via elemental attacks, if a monster is frustrating you with defenses, try using a weapon that can attack with the elements.
10Finally, I want to remind you all that killing a wyvern is not an easy thing, and it is often the case that the slaying of a wyvern is for revenge. To those who hunger for revenge, let me give you some advice on weapon selection. If you meet defeat despite using a complete set of armor, a weapon with a Defense bonus would be a wise choice.
11There are even weapons that increase your Defense just by carrying them. By using these types of weapons, it lowers your chances of defeat. It is important to consider more than just attack strength when selecting a weapon. That is all for now. Go out there and make me proud, little boys and girls! Hahahaha!

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