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Don't you know who I am? I'm Red Devil of the fearsome Hell Brothers! Even crying babies stop their sniveling when they catch sight of a strong hunter like me! I'm going to be giving a melee weapons lecture for the subscribers of "Hunting Life"!

2Melee weapons! A man's true love! There are those who love their Bowguns, but only a real man knows the joy of specializing in a melee weapon, and leaping with joy in the blood and carnage his skilled attacks create.
3There is one absolutely critical point to using melee weapons, and that is Sharpness. No matter how famous the Sword, or how small the enemy, the more you slash an enemy, the more a weapon's Sharpness decreases.
4As Sharpness decreases, so does the power of the weapon. It is even possible that the weapon may snap during usage. Conversely, when the Sharpness of a weapon is high, its attack strength is also heightened. So make sure to keep your weapon sharp!
5When a melee weapon becomes dull, it is time to use a Whetstone! Not a Wet stone, a Whetstone! By rubbing the Whetstone against the blade, you can revive its Sharpness with ease! HAHAHAHA!
6However, that is only a temporary solution to the problem. You'll want a weapon that will keep its Sharpness for a longer period of time... Everyone agrees with me, right? By improving a weapon, you not only increase its power, but you can also increase its durability.
7There are six degrees of Sharpness for melee weapons. This value fluctuates depending on how a weapon is improved, but the general rule of thumb is that a weapon can be improved to about the fifth level. It seems that the sixth level of Sharpness can only be reached by improving special weapons.

MHFU Version: There are 7 levels of weapon sharpness. If you try to improve your weapon, you can usually get it to around level 6, though intermediate levels are possible as well. But do you know what I've heard? I've heard that there are some special weapons that will jump directly to level 7 upon improvement.

8The limit on Sharpness upgrades via improvement is the sixth level, and this cannot be exceeded. However, if you get to a veteran level like myself, there are ways to improve Sharpness outside of upgrading a weapon. Well, that is enough for now. Look forward to my next lecture! Hahahaha!

MHFU Version: Plus... veterans, like yours truly, hold the knowledge to increasing a weapon's sharpness through an alternative method. What's that? I just said that you can't improve a weapon's sharpness beyond level 7? Well, I'll let you figure out that one on your own. Look forward to my next exciting issue! Hahahahahahaha!

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