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Mega Man, alternatively written as Megaman and MegaMan, known as Rockman (ロックマン) in Japan, is a video game franchise from Capcom, starring the robot character Mega Man, or one of his many counterparts. Mega Man, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, began a series of over 50 games on multiple systems. As of December 31, 2010, the series has sold approximately twenty-nine million copies worldwide, making it Capcom's most prolific franchise.

Relationship with the Monster Hunter Series

Mega Man made a collaboration with Monster Hunter.

Mega Man x MH4U

The collaboration was announced on October 12, 2014 first for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It features a Mega Man-themed Guild Card Background, a Palico Armor Set fashioned after Mega Man, and a Palico Weapon fashioned after Rush.

Mega Man Palico Armor / ロックマンネコシリーズ
MH4U-Palico Equipment Render 009
Mega Man Palico Armor


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Mega Man Palico Equipment01:16

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Mega Man Palico Equipment

Title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Mega Man Palico Equipment
by Monster Hunter
MH4G 『ロックマン』コラボ紹介映像01:11

MH4G 『ロックマン』コラボ紹介映像

Title [MH4G]『ロックマン』コラボ紹介映像
by CapcomChannel

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