MH Manga: Poka Poka Felyne Village (モンハン漫画 ぽかぽかアイルー村, Monhan Manga: Poka Poka Airū Mura) is a shōnen manga by Akihiro Kikuchi. It is loosely based on the MH Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village spinoff of the Monster Hunter video games by CAPCOM. It is published by Shueisha.




  • Felyne (アイルー, Airū): Protagonist of the series.
  • Acorn (ドングリ, Donguri): Main antagonist of the series.
  • Elder (長老, Chōrō): Felyne Village's Leader.
  • Tonkashi (トンカシ, Tonkashi)
  • Joe (ジョー, )

Volumes & Chapters

Volume 1

001. Build the Guild, Meow!
002. Looking for the Boogie, Meow!
003. Catching the Big Game, Meow!
007. Pirates Came, Meow!

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