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MH Diary: Mobile Airu Village (モンハン日記 モバイルアイルー村) is a cellphone game in Japan which saw a release on August 10, 2010. It is free to play and only requires a registration with Mobage-town. Although there is no cost to play, there are items which require purchasing. The game is a type of social networking using Airus to build a village, collect items, and make friends. There is also a cooperative play with other cellphone users. After only 17 days, the service garnered over 500,000 users.



1. Title: MonHan Diary: Mobile Airu Mura
2. Genre: Social Airuraifu
3. Platform support: mobile phones (except some models)
4. Delivery dates: August 10, 2010
5. Retail Price: Free Basic Play (Bid Items)
6. Usage: "Mobage-town," can be used after a free subscription



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