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What is MHSX2?

MHSX2 is a Skill Simulator software designed to search for numerous list of combination of armor. It has its own database including

materials required. It is first categorized with the list of skills you choose first and then the engine design will then search the list of armor.

What other tools/software/program available out there?

Here are some:

Where do you download?

The link is the download page. Requires some Net Framework 2.0 to run the software.

Language Versions Download Link Remarks/Notes



Japanese /w English Skill Translated FileDropper

By: Hiskus

Chinese /w English Skill Translated MegaUpload

By: Bohdaker

Currently im working on the chinese MHSX2 and trying to translate the program. As you can see the Main Window below, "10 Skills" is

translated. I'm still trying to learn the program and still looking how I can change the GUI of the system. If you guys are working on this one

and translated some of the system software, please drop me a message and I would like to know what you changed and also would like

to have your own copy. I'm not trying to translate the whole thing because the armor is near impossible to translate due to new armor and

constant update.

MHSX2 Main Window

MHSX2 window

Example of how to use MHSX2

First click the choose the Sex (Male) followed by Classification (Blademaster) and then rarity (6~7). Defense I really don't care much.

HR (100) because I want to search an armor not above that limit. You can also use Filters to make the search more efficent, i.e. you can exclude Cash Shop Armor or specific gems or skills (may be useful to exclude Adrenaline+1 (21points)).
MHSX2 001

Now well choose the skills we wanted on our armor to include.

MHSX2 002

Just browse through exch category. I picked Health+30 (For Example). You can either double click a skill or click the Add button located

just right side of the mouse.

MHSX2 003

Go down one category on Offensive and added Attack UP Large.

MHSX2 004

Added Sharpness+1

MHSX2 005

And Fasting Wolf+2. You can add as much as skill as you want and your search just narrows down even more so you can find it

much easier.

MHSX2 006

Now when your satisfied with your skills, click the Search button.

MHSX2 007

After clicking Search, it will now search for combined armor with the skills you chosen. This box tell you the Progress. Once it's 100%

it will list all armor, items it required to make, total cost including upgrading that armor to that level. And of course you can browse through the list during Progress just below.

MHSX2 008

Now this area listed tells you the combined defense, how much sockets it required and sockets that are empty, Elemental defense and such... You can categorize it by Armor or how ever you like. Now if you click one of these it will gather another info of that Armor Set.

MHSX2 009

Just right of that window it list the Armor (Head, Chest, Arms, Waist & Legs) and other infos. Now if you click where the mouse is located,

it will do the "Cut to clipboard" function and you can paste it anywhere you like or simply (Ctrl+V) to a notepad, word etc...

MHSX2 011

Double clicking the Head Armor or any parts, it will open another window with more added information.

MHSX2 010

It have pictures on some armor piece but not all. This is just the Head Armor Information. It display the whole set so you can easily understand what piece of set it belongs to. (Note: I will translate the picture some time soon)

MHSX2 012

I think thats all there is to it. There are some other functions i didn't mention like "Copy to clipboard" the whole set with other information

but I will keep adding.

Basic Information

# Title Explanation Remarks/Notes/Others
1 Sex Choose Male or Female. Some equipment name are changed for both sexes
2 Class Blademaster or Gunner
3 Rarity

Chose the rarity of the armor you would like to search for. Example: 6 ~ 7 will only search for any armor that is rarity 6 through 7

and exclude the remaining.

4 Defense Adjust this if your looking for specific defese limit, otherwise leave it as it is.
5 HR Limit Setting the maximum HR limit of the armor. Example: setting it to 60 will only list armor that is HR 60 and below.
6 SP Equipment
7 Empty Equipment
8 Rasta Lv Limit
9 Filters
10 Skills "Saved Skills Folder" right-clicking a skill will save save it to your favorites. Below it is the listed skills by category.
12 Searched Info
13 CPU Process

Extended Information

10) Skills

Here a skill list broken down by its category

English Korea Japanese Chinese
Strength, Endurance Series
Health 체력 体力 體力
Recovery Speed 회복속도 回復速度 恢復速度
Hunger 배고픔 はらへり 空腹
Gluttony 먹보 食いしん坊 大食王
Recovery 회복 回復 恢復
Stamina 스태미너 スタミナ 耐力
Cooking 식사 食事 用餐
Offensive Line
Expert 달인 達人 達人
Special Attack 특수공격 特殊攻撃 特殊攻擊
Bomber Str Up 폭탄강화 爆弾強化 炸彈強化
Attack 공격 攻撃 攻擊
Potential 저력 底力 爆發力
Gunnery 포술사 砲術師 砲術師
KickBoxer 체술 体術 體術
Strong Arm 강철어깨 強肩 強腕
Fast 단식 断食 斷食
Defensive Line
Guard 가드성능 ガード性能 防禦性能
Auto-Guard 자동방어 自動防御 自動防禦
Defense 방어 防御 防禦
Blademaster Skills
Sword Sharp 예리도 斬れ味 鋒利度
Artisan 장인
Sword Sharpener 연마도사 研ぎ師 研磨師
Gunner Skills
Reload 장전 装填 裝填
Auto Reload 연사 連射 連射
Recoil 반동 反動 反彈
NormS Up 일반탄강화 通常弾強化 強化通常彈
PierceS Up 관통탄강화 貫通弾強化 強化貫通彈
PelletS Up 산탄강화 散弾強化 強化散彈
NormS Add 일반탄추가 通常弾追加 追加通常彈
PierceS Add 관통탄추가 貫通弾追加 追加貫通彈
PelletS Add 산탄추가 散弾追加 追加散彈
CragS Add 유탄추가 榴弾追加 追加手榴彈
ClustS Add 확산탄추가 拡散弾追加 追加擴散彈
Shot Mix 탄조합 弾調合 彈調合
Load 장전수 装填数 裝填數
Precision 정밀사격 精密射撃 精密射擊
PoisonS Add 독병추가 毒瓶追加 追加毒瓶
ParaS Add 마비병추가 麻痺瓶追加 追加麻痺瓶
SleepS Add 수면병추가 睡眠瓶追加 追加睡眠瓶
Elemental Weapon Attribute
Fire Atk Up 화속성공격 火属性攻撃 火屬性攻擊
Water Atk Up 수속성공격 水属性攻撃 水屬性攻擊
Thunder Atk Up 뇌속성공격 雷属性攻撃 雷屬性攻擊
Ice Atk Up 빙속성공격 氷属性攻撃 冰屬性攻擊
Dragon Atk Up 용속성공격 龍属性攻撃 龍屬性攻擊
Blademaster Ailment Properties
Sword Explosion 폭격검 爆撃剣 爆撃剣
Deadly Sword 맹독검 猛毒剣 猛毒剣
Paralasis Sword 마비검 麻痺剣 麻痺剣
Sleep Sword 수면검 睡眠剣 睡眠剣
Flame Sword 화염검 火炎剣 火炎剣
Water Sword 수격검 水激剣 水激剣
Thunder Sword 뇌신검 雷神剣 雷神剣
Ice Sword 빙결검 氷結剣 冰結剣
Dragon Sword 용왕검 龍王剣 龍王劍
Elemental Resistance
All Res 전내성UP 全耐性UP 全耐性UP
Fire Res 화내성 火耐性 火耐性
Water Res 수내성 水耐性 水耐性
Ice Res 빙내성 氷耐性 冰耐性
Thunder Res 뇌내성 雷耐性 雷耐性
Dragon Res 용내성 龍耐性 龍耐性
Ailment System
Paralysis Res 마비 麻痺 麻痺
Sleep Res 수면 睡眠 催眠
Faint 기절 気絶 暈眩
Poison Res
Antiseptic 탈취 脱臭 除臭
Snow Res 눈사람무효 耐雪 耐雪
Poison Res 성대 声帯 聲帶
Other Ailment Resistance
그 외 대미지보호계
Protection 심판 審判 審判
Earplugs 청각보호 聴覚保護 聽覺保護
Anti-Theft 훔치기무효 盗み無効 偷竊無效
Heat Resist 더위방지 耐暑 耐熱
Cold Resist 추위방지 耐寒 耐寒
Wind Press 풍압 風圧 風壓
Evade 회피성능 回避性能 迴避性能
Terrain 지형 地形 地形
Quake Res 흔들림방지 耐震 耐震
Invincible 몸으로받기 受け身 受身
Items & Combo Improv
Throw 투척 投擲 投擲
Wide Area 광역 広域 大範圍
Whim 변덕 気まぐれ 任性
Fishing Expert 낚시 釣り 釣魚
Combo Success Rate 조합성공률 調合成功率 調合成功率
Alchemy 연금술 錬金術 鍊金術
Everlasting 효과지속 効果持続 效果持續
BBQ 고기굽기 肉焼き 燒烤
Horn 피리불기명인 笛吹き名人 吹笛名人
Map And Monster Skills
Sneak 기색 気配 感覺
Map 지도 地図 地圖
Psychic 천리안 千里眼 千里眼
Hunting And Collecting Skills
Backpacking 운반 運搬 搬運
Gathering 채취 採取 採取
Speed Gathering 고속수집 高速収集 高速收集
Carving 갈무리 剥ぎ取り 切割
Reward System
Fate 운기 運気 運氣
Monster 몬스터 モンスター 魔物
Tranquilizer 압력 圧力 壓力
Capture Guru 포획고수 捕獲上手 捕獲高手
그 외
Escape Boost 도망 とんずら 逃跑
Inspiration 번쩍임 ひらめき 靈光一現
Bond 인연 羈絆

(More Info...)

12) Searched Info

MHSX2 Solid square Used SP Slots
MHSX2 Square Empty SP Slots
MHSX2 Solid Circle Used Slots
MHSX2 Circle Empty Slots

How to edit MHSX2

Things needed

  • Copy of MHSX2 version.
  • UltraEdit(Notepad Replacement provides a basic toolset for editing and manipulating text files of varying content and size. Includes
    find and replace in files, ability to open files up to and over 4GB, conversion of various file formats, and more) or something similar.

Once you have download the MHSX2 that look like this

MHSX2 013

Open dat folder Note: See the file image changed when UltraEdit was installed.

MHSX2 014

Note: SkillBase.xml files contains information on skills menu of MHSX2. This you can edit or translate it to your likings.

Double click SkillBase.xml file or right-click, open with UltraEdit.

MHSX2 015

Heres what it look like Text view mode the first time you open it. I've already made some changes. I left the Chinese equivalent

of the word so that I can get used to it. You can take it out if you wish

MHSX2 016

And in Grid view mode. You can change it in either view or check it yourself what each view mode look like. Some view mode are not


MHSX2 017

Now when you click the arrow pointing down next to SkillType, it will bring down more in its contents. You can scroll down, up, left, right

untill you find the section you want to change, just type it in.

Note: some content you cannot change like the section where it said "Data ID="0080" Name="體力"" or ID. its coded to the GUI browser I

think unless you can change the name on the actualGUI of the software.

Try experimenting but the way I do it, I change one content and save run the program or software. If it loads up no problem then I change

the whole section.

MHSX2 018

If you want to extract the information you can go back and right click the "dat" folder and open with Excel instead of UltraEdit. It

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