Low Rank High Rank Miscellaneous
Blademaster Blademaster Other
Gunner Gunner Indent
Indent Armor Skills Indent
Blademaster Armor Skills
Gunner Armor Skills

Also See: Armor Skill List & Decoration List


User Contribution
Artemis_Paradox Took care of the rarity 4 (corrections), 5, 6 and 7 (corrections) sections
GeneStarwind Took care of the rarity 4, 5 and 7 sections.

Rare 4

Yukumo [Ten] ("Yukumo Sky" in MH3U)

Leather S

Chain S

Hunter S

Bone S

Alloy S

Bnahabra S

Rhenoplos S

Zuwaro S (Slagtoth S)

Jaggi S

Aoashira S (Arzuros S)

Froggi S (Wroggi S)

Urukususu S (Lagombi S)

Rare 5

Magyuru S

Qurupeco S

Viking S


Ludroth S

Baggi S

Ranguro S (Volvidon S)

Barroth S

Rathian S

Nibelsnarf S

Falmer S

Scholar S

Acorn S

Luxury Onsen


Gigginox S

Ingot S

Naruga S (Nargacuga S)

Barioth S

Rathalos S

Uragaan S

Jinouga S (Zinogre S)

Diablos S

Tigrex S

Agnaktor S

Doboru S (Duramboros S)

Rare 6

Qurupeco U

Ludroth U

Barroth U

Gigginox U

Naruga U (Nargacuga U)

Barioth U


Uragaan U

Diablos U

Tigrex U

Agnaktor U


Rare 7

Golden Moon

Silver Sol


Hi Yamato/Solar (Yamato+/Hinata+)

Dark Akantor

Ukanlos (Dark Ukanlos)

Escadora (Alatreon)


Jolly Roger


The Boss


Event Crow

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