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In the Download section of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, there is an option for players to download Felyne Comrades. These are not just ordinary Felynes Comrades though; they are special Felyne Comrades given to the players by celebrities in Japan. Though these downloadable "Celebrity" Felynes are only temporarily available for Download, as they are only up for grabs at a given period of time.

This Article shall list the Special Felyne Comrades.

(Under Construction)

Haruma Miura

Haruma Miuchi

Haruma Miura

The first Felyne Comrade previously available for download was from Haruma Miura. He is seen in one of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Japanese Commercials. His In-game name in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is 春馬.[1]

His Felyne Comrade is the very first Felyne Comrade to able to be downloaded by players the game. It was made available for download at January 28, 2011 at 13:00. Unfortunately as of February 2, 2011 at 17:00, his Felyne Comrade is no longer available for Download.

Felyne Name ペコ Level 12
Owner 春馬 Color (?)
Attack 120 Attack Type 近接のみ
Defense 168 Attack Target 大型一筋
Personality 主人愛 Fondness 0
  • 回復笛の術
  • 攻撃力強化術【大】
  • 鬼人笛の術


Satoshi Inoue

Satoshi Inoue

The second Felyne Comrade available for download is from Satoshi Inoue. Inoue is known for having spent over 2,500 hours of gameplay in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Capcom often makes notes of this during MH promotions. His In-game name in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is i n o. and his favorite weapon type is the Gunlance.[2]

It was made available for download at February 4, 2011 at 13:00.

U e .
Felyne Name u e. Level 20
Owner i n o. Color (?)
Attack 334 Attack Type ブーメランのみ
Defense 190 Attack Target 大型一筋
Personality 勇敢 Fondness 5
  • 状態異常攻撃【麻痺】
  • 状態異常攻撃強化の術

Maki Gotou

Maki Gotou

Maki Gotou

The third Felyne Comrade available for download in Valentine's Day is from Maki Gotou. Maki is a singer, lyricist and former actress in Japan. Maki is a big time Monster Hunter player, having spent over 2,000 hours of gameplay in the Monster Hunter series. Her first game was Monster Hunter Tri. She just recently played Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and spent 80 hours in the game. Her In-game name in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is M A K I.[3]

It will be made available for download at February 14, 2011 at 13:00.

M a k i
Felyne Name m a k i Level 14
Owner M A K I Color
Attack 147 Attack Type 爆弾のみ
Defense 122 Attack Target 小型一筋
Personality 勇敢 Fondness 4
  • (?)
  • (?)



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