Combination List
No. Material One Material Two Result
1 Blue Mushroom Herb Potion
2 Potion Honey Mega Potion
3 Blue Mushroom Godbug Nutrients
4 Nutrients Honey Mega Nutrients
5 Antidote Herb Blue Mushroom Antidote
6 Cactus Flower Bitterbug Herbal Medicine
7 Mega Nutrients Dragon Toadstool Max Potion
8 Immunizer Kelbi Horn Ancient Potion
9 Honey Bitterbug Catalyst
10 Catalyst Dragon Toadstool Immunizer
11 Catalyst Popfish Cleanser
12 Catalyst Rare Steak Power Juice
13 Well Done Steak Power Extract Mega Juice
14 Honey Nitroshroom Energy Drink
15 Catalyst Power Seed Demondrug
16 Demondrug Pale Extract Mega Demondrug
17 Immunizer Power Seed Power Pill
18 Catalyst Armor Seed Armorskin
19 Armorskin Pale Extract Mega Armorskin
20 Immunizer Armor Seed Armor Pill
21 Fire Herb Bitterbug Hot Drink
22 Well-Done Steak Fire Herb Hot Meat
23 Ice Crystal Bitter Bug Cool Drink
24 Well-Done Steak Ice Crystal Cold Meat
25 Raw Meat Toadstool Poisoned Meat
26 Raw Meat Parashroom Tainted Meat
27 Raw Meat Sleep Herb Drugged Meat
28 Sap Plant Stone Bomb Material
29 Bomb Material Ice Herb Deodorant
30 Bomb Material Ivy Smoke Bomb
31 Bomb Material Toadstool Poison S. Bomb
32 Bomb Material Flashbug Flash Bomb
33 Dung Bomb Material Dung Bomb
34 Sap Plant Paintberry Paintball
35 Bomb Material Exciteshroom Farcaster
36 Fire Herb Nitroshroom Gunpowder
37 Small Barrel Fire Herb Sm. Barrel Bomb
38 Large Barrel Gunpowder Lg. Barrel Bomb
39 Lg. Barrel Bomb Scatterfish Lg. Barrel Bomb+
40 Sm. Barrel Bomb Bnahabra Wing Bnc. Barrel Bomb
41 Gunpowder Screamer Sonic Bomb
42 Sm. Barrel Bomb Felvine Felvine Bomb
43 Spiderweb Ivy Net
44 Net Trap Tool Pitfall Trap
45 Trap Tool Thunderbug Shock Trap
46 Mega Fishing Fly Snakebee Larva Goldenfish Bait
47 Mega Fishing Fly Bonhopper Baku Dango
48 Mega Fishing Fly Earbug Good Catch Dango
49 Stone Bone Old Pickaxe
50 Iron Ore Bone Iron Pickaxe
51 Machalite Ore Bone Mega Pickaxe
52 Net Mystery Bone Old Bugnet
53 Net Sm. Monster B. Bugnet
54 Net Med. Monster B. Mega Bugnet
55 Godbug Wyvern Fang Lifecrystal
56 Lifecrystal Wyvern Claw Lifepowder
57 Lifepowder Flute Health Flute
58 Antidote Flute Antidote Flute
59 Mega Demondrug Med. Monster B. Demon Flute
60 Mega Armorskin Med. Monster B. Armor Flute
61 Throwing Knife Toadstool Poison Thr. Knf
62 Throwing Knife Sleep Herb Sleep Thr. Knf.
63 Throwing Knife Parashroom Paralyze Thr. Knf.
64 Whetstone Sm. Monster B. Boomerang
65 Powercharm Deviljho Talon Powertalon
66 Armorcharm Deviljho Talon Armortalon
67 Huskberry Needleberry Normal S Lv2
68 Huskberry Rumblefish Normal S Lv3
69 Huskberry Wolfsbane Berry Pierce S Lv1
70 Sm. Bone Husk B. Wywern Fang Pierce S Lv2
71 Sm. Bone Husk Pin Tuna Pierce S Lv3
72 Huskberry Scatternut Pellet S Lv1
73 Huskberry Wyvern Fang Pellet S Lv2
74 Sm. Bone Husk Wyvern Fang Pellet S Lv3
75 Huskberry Nitroshroom Crag S Lv1
76 Sm. Bone Husk Burst Arrowana Crag S Lv2
77 Sm. Bone Husk Bomb Arrowana Crag S Lv3
78 Huskberry Bomberry Clust S Lv1
79 Sm. Bone Husk Wyvern Claw Clust S Lv2
80 Sm. Bone Husk Scatterfish Clust S Lv3
81 Huskberry Fire Herb Flaming S
82 Huskberry Knife Mackarel Water S
83 Huskberry Ice Herb Freeze S
84 Huskberry Flashbug Thunder S
85 Sm. Bone Husk Dragon Seed Dragon S
86 Huskberry Herb Recov S Lv1
87 Potion Huskberry Recov S Lv2
88 Huskberry Todstool Poison S Lv1
89 Sm. Bone Husk Furoggi Fang Poison S Lv2
90 Huskberry Parashroom Paralyze S Lv1
91 Sm. Bone Husk Bnahabra Claw Paralyze S Lv2
92 Huskberry Sleep Herb Sleep S Lv1
93 Sm. Bone Husk Sllepyfish Sleep S Lv2
94 Huskberry Paintberry Paint S
95 Demondrug Huskberry Demon S
96 Armorskin Huskberry Armor S
97 Huskberry Exhaustshroom Exhaust S Lv1
98 Sm. Bone Husk Exhaust Fish Exhaust S Lv2
99 Whetstone Huskberry Slicing S
100 Whetstone Sm. Bone Husk Empty Bottle
101 Empty Bottle Toadstool Poison Coating
102 Empty Bottle Parashroom Paralysis Coating
103 Empty Bottle Sleep Herb Sleep Coating
104 Empty Bottle Nitroshroom Power Coating
105 Empty Bottle Knife Mackarel Close Range C.
106 Empty Bottle Paintberry Paint Coating
107 Empty Bottle Exhaustshroom Exhaust Coating
108 Sleep Herb Parashroom Tranquilizer
109 Tranquilizer Throwing Knife Tranq. Thr. Knf.
110 Tranquilizer Bomb Material Tranq. Bomb
111 Tranquilizer Husberry Tranq. S
112 Machalite Ore Armor Stone Armor Sphere
113 Killer Beetle Armor Stone Armor Sphere
114 Dragonite Ore Armor Stone Armor Sphere+
115 Hercudrome Armor Stone Armor Sphere+
116 Carbalite Ore Armor Stone Hrd. Armor Sphere
117 King Scarab Armor Stone Hrd. Armor Sphere

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