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Submission Rules

To submit your hunts, you must send in one of two things, an image set showing all required information, or a video showcasing the entire hunt.
If any of the restricted items, skills or food skill are spotted, the run will be immediately disapproved.
If you are unable to provide all submission requirements, the run will also be disapproved.
When taking the images, the monster MUST also be visible on at least one of them to prove the quests completion and defeated monster, it will be disapproved otherwise.

The submitted images must be readable on all parts, doesn't have to be a masterpiece (The clearer, the easier to pass for submission).
The two items, One-shot Binder and Anti-dragon Bomb are both illegal, On-site items. If the quest in question has either of these items, after the monster has been slain, use a Farcaster and show the items still in the item box. If they aren't there, the run will be disapproved.
Items can be shown and proven nothing illegal was used in one of two ways.

  • 1. Filling up your pouch completely with legal items before starting the quest, showing no empty slots at the end.
  • 2. Filling up your pouch with both legal and illegal items, having all the illegal items at carry limit showing non was used. You MUST also bring any items that could be used to combine to create any of the illegal items, to further prove non was used (If these items can be gained On-site, the run may be disapproved.

Image Submission

Before submitting, put all of the pictures together into one image so it can be achieved when accepted. These rules apply if you own a N3DS and take screenshots.

When submitting via image set when playing as a Hunter, you must take pictures of all these screens;

  • Quest Info (1/4)
  • Status (1/4)
  • Style & Arts (2/4)
  • Equipment (3/4)
  • Skill Details (4/4)
  • Results (Quest end screen showing exact time)

When submitting via image set when playing as a Prowler, you must take pictures of all these screens;

  • Quest Info (1/4)
  • Status (1/5)
  • Status (2/5)
  • Status (3/5)
  • Equipment (4/5)
  • Results (Quest end screen showing exact time)

Video Submission

When submitting via video, you must show the quest info, status screens and all item pages in the video long enough to read all parts (about 3 seconds per screen),

otherwise it will be disapproved.
You MUST provide an image with the video as well to prove the video is indeed you.

Restricted Items

Any item listen below is strictly prohibited from being used for any TA submissions, if any are spotted on your submission, it will NOT be counted.

  • Small Barrel Bombs are legal, but only if used to cancel animations, not attack the monsters.
Item Rarity Capacity Value How To Get
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey
1 x99 1z Mining in most areas
MH4G-Meat Icon Red
Raw Meat
1 x10 5z Carve Aptonoth, Gargwa, Kelbi, Popo, Rhenoplos, or Slagtoth
MH4G-Meat Icon Purple
Poisoned Meat
1 x10 19z Combine Raw Meat and Toadstool
MH4G-Meat Icon Yellow
Tinged Meat
2 x10 30z Combine Raw Meat and Parashroom
MH4G-Meat Icon Light Blue
Drugged Meat
1 x10 32z Combine Raw Meat and Sleep Herb
MH4G-Ball Icon Yellow
Flash Bomb
2 x5 57z Combine Bomb Casing and Flashbug
MH4G-Ball Icon Grey
Sonic Bomb
2 x10 45z Combine Gunpowder and Screamer
MH4G-Smoke Icon Purple
Poison Smoke Bomb
2 x10 60z Combine Bomb Casing and Toadstool or Bomb Casing and Poison Sac
MH4G-Trap Icon Green
Pitfall Trap
3 x1 46z Combine Net and Trap Tool
MH4G-Trap Icon Purple
Shock Trap
3 x1 160z Combine Trap Tool and Thunderbug
MH4G-Bait Icon Blue
2 x10 15z Search Frozen Seaway
MH4G-Knife Icon White
Throwing Knife
1 x5 0z
MH4G-Knife Icon Purple
Poison Knife
1 x5 0z Combine Throwing Knife and Toadstool
MH4G-Knife Icon Light Blue
Sleep Knife
1 x5 0z Combine Throwing Knife and Sleep herb
MH4G-Knife Icon Yellow
Paralysis Knife
1 x5 0z Combine Throwing Knife and Parashroom
MH4G-Bomb Icon Red
Barrel Bomb L
3 x3 52z Combine Gunpowder and Large Barrel
MH4G-Bomb Icon Red
Barrel Bomb L+
4 x2 80z Combine Barrel Bomb L and Scatterfish
MH4G-Bomb Icon Blue
Bounce Bomb
2 x10 18z Combine Barrel Bomb S and Bnahabra Wing
MH4G-Bomb Icon Blue
Bounce Bomb+
4 x10 68z Combine Bounce Bomb and Bomb Arowana
MH4G-Boomerang Icon Yellow
4 x5 15z Combine Whetstone and Monster Bone S
MH4G-Shot Icon Orange
One-shot Binder
3 x1 0z
MH4G-Shot Icon Grey
Ballista Ammo
5 x10 0z
MH4G-Shot Icon Yellow
Ballista Binder
6 x1 0z Supply Box during specific Quests
MH4G-Bomb Icon Yellow
Anti-dragon Bomb
3 x10 0z Supply Box during specific Quests

Restricted Skills

Skill Tree Skill Name Points Skill Description


+10 Increases your Attack and Defense every time you fall in battle. (Attack x1.1 and Defense x1.15 after the first faint. Attack x1.2 and

Defense x1.30 after the second faint)


Adrenaline +2
+15 Greatly increases Attack and Defense when Health is below 40% of the maximum amount. (Defense +45 and Attack x1.30)
Adrenaline +1
+10 Greatly increases Defense when Health is below 40% of the maximum amount. (Defense +40)
-10 Decreases Defense boost and Attack when Health is below 40% of the maximum amount. (Defense -21 and Attack x-1.30)


Drilltusk Soul
+10 Combines the effects of Adrenaline +2 and Scavenger.

Restricted Food Skills

Skill Name Description
Felyne Heroics Greatly increases Attack (1.35x) and Defense (1.5x) when Health is very low (below 10%).


  • All Elements (Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Dragon) and Status (Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Blast) are allowed.
  • All armor tiers, Deviant and Event armor and weapons are all allowed.
  • All Talismans are allowed as long as they aren't fake.
  • Although Sonic Bombs are not allowed, a Hunting Horns Sonic Waves and Sonic Smash Hunter Art are allowed.
  • All Hunter Arts are allowed.
  • All Bowgun shots and Bow coatings are allowed.
  • All Prowler Support Moves and Skills are allowed.
  • The quest must be completed by slaying the monster, capturing them is not allowed.
  • Small Barrel Bombs are legal, but only if used to cancel animations, not attack the monsters.
  • Filling up your pouch with items you won't be able to gain in the field (Like tickets, coins, monster parts unrelated to the quest being submitted) is a good way to

make your run easier to submit.

  • It is only possible to accept MHGen runs, runs done on MHX will unfortunately not be allowed.

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