Great Sword Icon White Long Sword Icon White Sword and Shield Icon White Dual Blades Icon White Hammer Icon White Hunting Horn Icon White Lance Icon White Gunlance Icon White
GS LS SnS DB Hammer HH Lance GL
Switch Axe Icon White Charge Blade Icon White Insect Glaive Icon White MH4-Kinsect Cutting Icon White MH4-Kinsect Blunt Icon White Light Bowgun Icon White Heavy Bowgun Icon White Bow Icon White
SA CB IG Kinsect LBG HBG Bow

Element and Status Effect Legend:
Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon Fire Status Effect-Waterblight MH4 Icon Water Status Effect-Thunderblight MH4 Icon Thunder Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon Ice Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon Dragon
StatusEffect29 Paralysis StatusEffect05 Poison StatusEffect01 Sleep Status Effect-Blastblight MH4 Icon Blastblight

Rarity Legend:
Insect Glaive Icon White Rare 1 Insect Glaive Icon Purple Rare 2 Insect Glaive Icon Yellow Rare 3 Insect Glaive Icon Pink Rare 4 Insect Glaive Icon Green Rare 5
Insect Glaive Icon Light Blue Rare 6 Insect Glaive Icon Red Rare 7 Insect Glaive Icon Light Blue Rare 8 Insect Glaive Icon Orange Rare 9 Insect Glaive Icon Magenta Rare 10


  • Click on the Weapon's Name for a more detailed information about the Weapon, including Creation / Upgrade Materials, Costs, and Japanese Name Equivalents.
  • Weapon Names in bold are the final upgrade/s to that Weapon's path.
  • When a value under the heading "Special" is in parentheses, this is the value of the Element/Ailment when the Armor Skill "Awakening" in in effect.
  • The Kinsect must be fully fed first before the Insect Glaive itself can be upgraded further.
Petrified Rod Path
Weapon Path

Weapon Name

Attack Special Sharpness (None/+1/+2) Slots Affinity Insect Type DEF
Insect Glaive Icon WhitePetrified Rod (Lv 1) 60 N/A
--- 0% Cutting N/A
IndentIndent01Insect Glaive Icon WhitePetrified Rod (Lv 2) 80 N/A
--- 0% Cutting N/A
IndentIndentIndent02Insect Glaive Icon WhitePetrified Rod (Lv 3) 90 N/A
--- 0% Cutting N/A
Petrified Rod (Lv 4)
Petrified Rod (Lv 5)
Petrified Rod (Lv 6)
Petrified Rod (Lv 7)
Scholarly Rod
Fader Rod (Lv 1)
Fader Rod (Lv 2)
Fader Rod (Lv 3)
Fader Rod (Lv 4)
Fader Rod (Lv 5)
Scale Fader
Bolt Chamber (Lv 1)
Bolt Chamber (Lv 2)
Bolt Chamber (Lv 3)
Bolt Chamber (Lv 4)
Bolt Chamber (Lv 5)
Full Bolt Chamber
Hidden Scythe (Lv 1)
Hidden Scythe (Lv 2)
Hidden Scythe (Lv 3)
Hidden Scythe (Lv 4)
Evening Calm
Altair (Lv 1)
Altair (Lv 2)
Altair (Lv 3)
Altair (Lv 4)
Seditious Breaker (Lv 1)
Seditious Breaker (Lv 2)
Lana Sedition
Royal Bloom (Lv 1)
Royal Bloom (Lv 2)
Royal Bloom (Lv 3)
Royal Bloom (Lv 4)
Bloom Royale
Kut-Ku Pike (Lv 1)
Kut-Ku Pike (Lv 2)
Kut-Ku Pike (Lv 3)
Kut-Ku Pike (Lv 4)
Kut-Ku Pike (Lv 5)
Toucan Pike
Obsidian Rod (Lv 1)
Obsidian Rod (Lv 2)
Obsidian Rod (Lv 3)
Obsidian Rod (Lv 4)
Obsidian Rod (Lv 5)
Relic Trias
Iron Bayoneth Path
Weapon Path

Weapon Name

Attack Special Sharpness (None/+1/+2) Slots Affinity Insect Type DEF
Insect Glaive Icon WhiteIron Bayoneth (Lv 1)