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1 Localized DLC
1.1 Low-Rank Quests (1-3★)
1.1.1 DLC 1★
1.1.2 DLC 2★
1.1.3 DLC 3★
1.2 High-Rank Quests (4-7★)
1.2.1 DLC 4★
1.2.2 DLC 5★
1.2.3 DLC 6★
1.2.4 DLC 7★


Localized DLC

Low-Rank Quests (1-3)

DLC 1★

DLC 2★


Initiate: Operation Moofah
MH4U-Red Chest Quest Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon

Main Objective:

Deliver 20 pieces of Moofah Fur

Location: Deserted Island
Time Limit: 50 min.
Environment: Unstable
Reward: 3000z
HR Points: 210
Subquest Reward: N/A
Subquest HR Points: N/A
Contract Fee: 300z

Subquests: None
Monsters: Aptonoth, Moofah, Arzuros

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