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Body Carves (x3)
Item Name
ThickGarugaScale 64%
HardGaruga Shell 28%
SilverGarugaPelt 7%
Str Garuga Wing 1%
Tail Carves (x1)
Item Name
LethrGarugaTail 80%
ThickGarugaScale 10%
Garuga Scale+ 10%
Capture Rewards
Item Name
Hvy Garuga Shell x2 80%
Garuga Carapace x2 10%
Rejuvenated Beak 5%
Long Garuga Ear 5%
Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Ears Long Garuga Ear 80%
ThickGarugaScale x3 20%
Beak Rejuvenated Beak 80%
ThickGarugaScale x3 20%
Wings Str Garuga Wing 80%
Garuga Wing x2 20%
Back SilverGarugaPelt x2 80%
Hvy Garuga Shell x2 20%
Shiny Drops
Item Name
Wyvern Sobs 49%
Wyvern Tears 25%
ThickGarugaScale 15%
Garuga Scale+ 10%
Str Garuga Wing 1%

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