A gallery of all the videos in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. They're not in exact order because of organization by type. See also MHF1 Video Gallery.

CAPCOM videos

Title Description Link
Opening The opening video to
Opening Felyne Version The opening video to MHF2 in Felyne
Proof of a Hero Credits. watch
Capcom Show Long Ver. A trailer for MHF2. watch
Capcom Show Short Ver. A shortened trailer for MHF2. watch

Monster Ecologies

Title Description Link
Congalala Ecology Congalala's Ecology video watch
Khezu Ecology Khezu's Ecology video watch
Daimyo Ecology Daimyo Hermitaur's Ecology video watch
Plesioth Ecology Plesioth's Ecology video watch
Kushala Daora Ecology Kushala Daora's ecology video watch
Tigrex Ecology Tigrex's Ecology video watch
Diablos Ecology Diablos' Ecology video watch
Gravios Ecology Gravios' Ecology video watch
Rathian Ecology Rathian's Ecology video watch
Akantor Ecology Akantor's Ecology video watch

Monster Introductions

Title Description Link
Sterling Hunter Giadrome's intro video watch
The Roaring King Bulldrome's intro video watch
The Sly Hunter Velocidrome's intro video watch
Behold the Kut-Ku! Yian Kut-Ku's intro video watch
The Jungle Outlaw Congalala's intro video watch
Desert Hunter Cephadrome's intro video watch
Light in the Dark Khezu's intro video watch
One-Horned Daimyo Daimyo Hermitaur's intro video watch
The Piscine Plesioth Plesioth's intro video watch
The Poison Gypceros Gypceros' intro video watch
The White Darkness Blangonga's intro video watch
Roar of the Wolf Yian Garuga's intro video watch
Roar of the Horn Monoblos' intro video watch
The Devil's Scythe Shogun Ceanataur's intro video watch
Steel in the Blizzard Kushala Daora's intro video (Snowy Mountains) watch
Shadow in the Tempest Kushala Daora's intro (jungle) watch
The Tyrant Tigrex Tigrex intro watch
Raging Tigrex Tigrex intro watch
A Phantom Appears Kirin's intro video watch
Desert Tyrant Diablos' intro video watch
Volcanic Leader Gravios' intro video watch
The Raging Rajang Rajang's intro video watch
Emperor of Flame Teostra's intro video watch
Deep Forest Illusion Chameleos' intro video watch
Empress of Flame Lunastra's intro video (volcano) watch
Revived Queen's Battle Lunastra's intro video (Tower) watch
Lao-Shan Lung!? Shen Gaoren's intro video watch
Lao-Shan Lung Lao-Shan Lung's intro video watch
Rocky Mountain Dragon Ashen Lao-Shan Lung's intro video watch
The Ancestor White Fatalis' intro video watch
Anger and Calamity Crimson Fatalis' intro video watch
Legend of Flight Fatalis' intro video watch
On Swift Wings Nargacuga's intro video watch

Monster Introductions not in Gallery


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