Low Rank High Rank G-Level
Blademaster Blademaster Blademaster
Gunner Gunner Gunner

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Rarity 1

Mafumofu Armor

Leather Armor

Chain Armor

Hunter's Armor

Rarity 2

Bone Armor

Giaprey Armor

Battle Armor

Velociprey Armor

Rarity 3

Vespoid Armor

Hi-Metal Armor

Hornet Armor

Genprey Armor

Steel Armor

Ioprey Armor

Kut-Ku Armor

Cephalos Armor

Conga Armor

Gypceros Armor

Khezu Armor

Hermitaur Armor

Plesioth Armor

Lobster Armor

Kut-Ku D Armor

Gypceros D Armor

Khezu D Armor

Plesioth D Armor

Rarity 4

Basarios Armor

Monoblos Armor

Yian Garuga Armor

Blango Armor

Ceanataur Armor

Rathian Armor

Tigrex Armor

Rathalos Armor

Diablos Armor

Gravios Armor

Diablos D Armor

Gravios D Armor

Rarity 5

Mosswine Armor

Giaprey Suit

Velociprey Suit

Bistro Suit

Genprey Suit

Black Belt Armor

Shinobi Armor (Sun)

Shinobi Armor (Moon)

Guild Knight Armor 1

Guild Knight Armor 2

Maiden Armor

Private Armor

Guardian Armor 1

Guardian Armor 2

Helper Armor

Healer Armor

Ioprey Suit

Remobra Suit

Melahoa Armor

Makluva Armor

Butterfly Testa Armor

Obituary Armor

Black Armor

Death Stench Armor

Lava Armor

Mizuha Armor

Kushala Armor

Kirin Armor

Guardian Spirit Armor

Auroros Armor

Borealis Armor

Empress Armor

Indra Armor

Kaiser Armor

Monodevil Armor

Rathian Heart Armor

Rathalos Soul Armor

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